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5 Steps to a Healthier and Happier You

5 Steps to a Healthier and Happier You


This first short guide in our THI wellness series provides five simple, yet super effective tips to assist you on your path to ultimate wellness.

Whether you are a newbie about to embark upon the maiden voyage steps of your healthy journey, or a seasoned soul aiming to take your health and wellness to connoisseur status, these 5 steps (which were pivotal in my recovery from CFS, and continue to impress me with their effectiveness EVERY day) will leave you vibrating at your highest state of wellbeing.

What’s inside?

  • Whole food status is where it’s at! Simply simplify your diet (and we’ll tell you how, simply)
  • All the tools you need to SLOW DOWN. Be gone the glorification of busy! 
  • Learn how to detoxify your environment – kitchen, bathroom, pantry, laundry, make up; even your water. Toxicity in your body affects your happiness for sure (take it from me). 
  • The motivational kick up the butt (but no rah rah) to slip your toes out of your snugly socks and into your sneakers… the thing is, you don’t need to even step foot into a gym to see rewards. The gym is not my thing, it doesn’t have to be yours either. 
  • We talk about raising your energy from a scientific and metaphysical perspective. Is your energy low? Or are you vibrating at the highest possible frequency? Like attracts like, so if you seek to attract those energised and inspiring souls into your circles this section is a must read.

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