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My Top Twenty Pantry Staples

My Top Twenty Pantry Staples


The second installment in our THI wellness series takes you inside Amy's pantry.

You know what I hear all the time?! "I'd love to take a peek into your pantry, Aims."  So here it is, semi organized mason jars, sticky raw honey bottles, a TONNE of nutty goodness (nuts for a nut, eh eh? ;), and a few products that garner the label of 'super food’ status... not to mention a bit of disarray. Want to know what is always on my pantry shelves? Well, follow me this way!

So, what's inside?

My 20 all time favourite products that need to sit on your shelves, for the sake of your health and taste buds.

We provide:

  • their health benefits
  • info on how to use these ingredients
  • recipe suggestions galore!

Keep your pantry stocked with these items and you’ll be well equipped to whip up a nutritious meal on the fly (I know you mums out there will love that). There's no need for overwhelm here; simply start replacing the less than healthy choices as they run out, with the items on my list.

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