Amy Crawford: Introducing Woman, Conversations for the Curious

Welcome to the very first episode of 'Woman. Conversations for the Curious', a podcast I created for women looking to squeeze more juice out of life.

I'm Amy Crawford, founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient, mindset therapist, blogger, whole foods lover and more than a little bit passionate about helping you feel comfortable about what it is to be a woman.

I created this podcast from a desire to normalise the conversations that really light me up – the kinds of couch-side chats I have with friends that admittedly can have them looking at me a little surprised or aghast! The thing is, I don't want skirt around juicy topics, I don’t want to hide from them, and I don't want to live life in the beige. I seek deep-dive natters that empower all of us to invite in more joy, to embrace our sexuality, to feel into the stuff that can challenge us or feel awkward.

I want to inspire us all to lean in, to work through the discomfort, to liberate ourselves from long held beliefs that we may not be worthy or deserving of immense joy and pleasure in our lives. And amongst all of this I hope to empower you to ask for what you want, in any area of your life.

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Broadcast: March 06, 2021
Duration: 4:07

Here's a snippet of the full podcast...

Permission to choose pleasure.

As a therapist, I work with many women who find it immensely difficult to prioritise themselves. They feel disconnected from their bodies, guilt for taking time out, shame for prioritising pleasure, and many who ultimately seek more joy, but for whatever reason need permission to chase it, and the confidence to use their voices in the process. My ultimate goal through this podcast is to give you permission to choose joy, to choose pleasure and whatever else you need to truly THRIVE as a woman.

Woman - the podcast - is a mix of my own ramblings and enlightening chats with experts. There’ll be sexologists, pleasure experts, health practitioners, a wonderful mix of women whose life purpose is to educate and inspire us to FEEL GOOD. These discussions will be unscripted and pretty relaxed. So I invite you to pop the kettle on, get cosy on your couch, open your mind and stay curious - because things are about to get juicy.

I'd love to hear from you if you've suggestions or topics you'd like me to cover, so feel free to email me at If you enjoy listening to these chats I’d love you to leave a review and of course subscribe. And please don’t forget to forward the chats to any girlfriends like you who love a juicy, couch-side chat. Thanks so much for being here, I’m so excited to connect with you.


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March 06, 2021 — Amy Crawford

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