Founder of The Holistic Ingredient, Amy Crawford and her dog Wilson.

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A beautiful range of holistic lifestyle and wellness products by Amy Crawford.

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Nourish, revitalise and care for yourself, inside and out.


Transformative books and tools to elevate your thinking.


Cleanse, calm and beautify your space.

Bring more goodness, light, and creativity to your daily life with my eco-friendly, holistic range of lifestyle products designed for a healthier and happier YOU.


Beautiful blends and other products designed to nourish, revitalise and care for your body, inside and out.


A unique collection of books and tools to help support women in all areas of life. Open your mind to new ideas.


Gorgeous items to heal, cleanse, calm and beautify your space. Welcome joy and creativity into your home.

In your words
In your words
I purchased this product because of the wonderful comments I was reading and because I also had sore dry eyes. This product did not disappoint!
— Robyn Monckton
In your words
I've tried many different marine collagen powders but Amy's is the most delicious. My skin feels softer and more hydrated. Definitely recommended!
— Michelle
In your words
Thanks Amy for such a considered product. No awful side effects from fake sweetener. Super easy and delish to get those daily greens happening.
— M.S
In your words
I've noticed a difference in my face since using it. I've also found it relieves tension at the end of the day and allows a few moments of relaxation.
— Leah Geard
In your words
The most decadent way to enjoy your hot chocolate. The rich bitter sweetness drops me into my body and grounds me for the day. Beautifully packaged it's worth the treat.
— Helen Southall
In your words
I've been burning some daily as l affirm good intentions. It brings joy and l love the scent. It reminds me of my travels throughout Nepal and South East Asia many moons ago. Thank you.
— Catherine Edwards

A weekly podcast presented by Amy Crawford about what it is to be a woman. Things are getting juicy around these parts...

Amy’s podcast is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Anchor, Breaker, PocketCasts and Radiopublic.

Founder of The Holistic Ingredient, Amy Crawford.