Founder of The Holistic Ingredient, Amy Crawford and her dog Wilson.

My Story

Life can throw you a curve ball that changes everything. But sometimes it's exactly what you need.

12 years ago, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome knocked me off my feet. It was a major curveball that changed everything in my life. I had to leave my corporate career and start over at 40. But as I healed, I discovered a healthy, holistic, and joy-seeking lifestyle that there was no turning back from.

I started to learn about whole foods, mindfulness, and how to conquer the self-doubt and limiting beliefs. I qualified as a health coach, hypnotherapist, EFT and CTC therapist, and supported women and children for over a decade in my therapy practice.

Now, I'm so excited to share this passion with you through The Holistic Ingredient lifestyle store. I've created a place where you can celebrate all the small, special moments in your day that bring you joy, nourishment, and beauty.

I have an eco-friendly, holistic range of lifestyle products, from indulgent body oils and natural toothpaste and nail polish to beautiful incense holders, sleep masks and everything you need to grow an indoor jungle of pampered plants. I’m all about bringing more goodness, light, and creativity to your daily life.

You deserve these small moments of bliss that all add up to a happy, healthy lifestyle, and I’m here to help make that happen. My name is Amy Crawford - welcome to The Holistic Ingredient!

Amy xx

Celebrate the small, special moments in your day that bring you joy, nourishment, and beauty.


Explore fascinating topics and perspectives that encompass life as a woman. Join Amy and special guests for couch-side juicy and straight-shooting conversation.


Feed your body with the goodness it deserves. Delicious, healthy and inspirational recipes created by Amy with you in mind. There’s something for everyone.


Let Amy inspire and motivate you to live your best life with great ideas and advice to help you feel empowered, happy and ready to conquer the world. It all starts here.