The Holistic Ingredient - Marine Collagen Booster with Australian Kakadu and Davidson Plum The Holistic Ingredient - Marine Collagen Booster with Australian Kakadu and Davidson Plum

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- The Holistic Ingredient.

Founder of online wellness hub The Holistic Ingredient,
CTC Master Therapist, author and EFT for kids specialist.
Say hello to Amy Crawford.

Amy Crawford - My Story

Amy Crawford - wellness practitioner and business coach.

Funny how life can throw you a curveball that turns out to be exactly what you need.

A decade ago I was struck down with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So debilitating I could barely get out of bed for a year. At 40, I had lost control of my health, my identity and my independence. It put an end to my 18-year corporate career and changed my life forever.

Getting well became my only life goal and, with Labradoodle puppy Wilson for company through some dark days, I navigated a holistic path back to wellness. I started falling in love with the way I was feeling and what I was learning along the way. How to nourish my body with whole foods, slow down and put an end to all the limiting self-beliefs that had been holding me back…

The curveball that stopped me in my tracks became the message for what I was meant to do with my life – guide others towards a healthier, happier path too.

I qualified as a Health Coach via the NYC Institute of Integrative Nutrition and after a 2-hour CTC session I found so utterly life-changing I become a CTC Therapist myself. I help women free themselves from fear and self-doubt, unworthiness and inner blocks. I also became a practitioner of EFT, NLP and Hypnosis. I help parents and children use ‘EFT tapping’ to overcome anxiety, phobias and worry. All while developing the acclaimed whole foods recipe series A Nourishing Kitchen.

The Holistic Ingredient became a wellness hub for thousands of women all over the world.

These days, Wilson is still by my side. The pillars of The Holistic Ingredient – toxic free living, nature, nutrition, exercise, rest, mindset, everyday gratitude and strong relationships - still guide my path. With a pro-age mindset, happily embracing my age and all that comes with it *, I’ve developed a supplements range of marine collagen and daily greens blends to boost our vitality from the inside out.

What I know for sure… Enjoy the small, simple, joyful moments and string them together. And, when life throws curveballs, see if you can hear what the universe is trying to tell you. There might just be a message for you too.

Amy xx

* Grab a copy of my free 6-step Midlife Reboot guide to shift your mindset, let go of what's holding you back and start physically and emotionally thriving. Download here.

The name ‘The Holistic Ingredient’ reflects these eight
elements that were fundamental in my path to wellness:

Toxic Free - Holistic Ingredients.

My doctor gave me strict instructions to go home and start eradicating toxicity, one room at a time. I was like, “What? My blue Colgate gel toothpaste... noooo!!!!"


Nature - Holistic Ingredients.

Joanne, my Reiki Master, suggested I walk outside in bare feet, find a tree and wrap my arms around it. I can’t tell you the calming feeling that flowed through my body.


Nutrition - Holistic Ingredients.

Food has undoubtedly been my medicine and believe me, eating healthily doesn't need to be boring. I am not a rabbit - I LOVE my food and it has to be varied and totally delicious.


Relationships - Holistic Ingredients.

Self love - there's no greater gift you can give yourself and it should come in truckloads, with no need for gift wrapping, every day of the year.


Exercise - Holistic Ingredients.

When you're really, really sick it can be very easy to forget how far you've come, even if it's simply the fact that this month you walked 15 minutes a day as opposed to five minutes, two months ago.


Rest - Holistic Ingredients.

I got myself better and learnt to truly listen to my body, stopping when I knew I had done enough, resting, relaxing, spending time in nature and meditating. I became very 'in tune'.


Mindset - Holistic Ingredients.

Slowly but surely I learned that thinking negatively was a drainer on my already precious energy and that unless I embraced a more positive mindset, things were never going to change for the positive.


Everyday - Holistic Ingredients.

It took me many years to learn to find happiness within - to have the no reliance on external sources to pick me up and pull me along. I now find happiness in my every day and it's an incredibly empowering feeling.


Discover CTC, the therapy that changed Amy's life — and that will undoubtedly change yours — and make the step towards freeing yourself from everything that holds you back.