Setting kids free from worry and fear, with EFT

Today’s special podcast episode is dedicated to all the kids out there who aren’t currently feeling up to doing all the things they love to do like going to school or camp, riding a horse, spending time with friends, jumping on the school bus or going to restaurants with their families. It’s also dedicated to kids who have significant fears over specific things like needles, going to bed in the dark, being without mum, vomit, germs, horses and dogs. Or perhaps there’s an existing undercurrent of generalised anxiety and worry that keeps them and their parents up at night - which at this time is immensely prevalent in my therapy practice.

Now, the reason I wanted to share this episode, was to provide an informative resource for parents and carers of kids with challenges, and for those of you who have kids in your lives through extended family or friends. Perhaps you’re witnessing younger children in your orbit with a specific struggle. Whatever the case, I’d encourage you to forward this episode to anyone in your life who would welcome hearing about a beautifully simple tool that could markedly alleviate the worries and fears of little people in their lives.

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Broadcast: September 03, 2021
Duration: 09:20

Here’s a snippet of my recording…

Let’s talk about tapping.

This is one of three different therapy offerings I offer in my therapy practice. I see children and adults for EFT sessions, I also see them for a 2-hour CTC session (which includes EFT) and I provide a personalized therapy care package. But over the last couple of years I have found myself doing an increasing amount of work with children from as young as four years of age up to 15. I’m finding this to be the most satisfying, joyful, amazing experience because kids come to this experience with such an open mind, and it is such a delight not only to work with them and to support them, but to witness the shift in their little bodies as we move through these processes.

So, what exactly is EFT?

EFT is a rapid, non-invasive and highly effective therapy that works on a physical, emotional and mental level. Similar to acupuncture, EFT is a form of 'psychological acupressure.' It works by tapping on specific meridian points of the upper body, releasing blockages or 'knots' within the energy system.

EFT is done with a practitioner face-to-face or online, and once learnt can be readily utitlised as a daily tool by the client. For kids below 15, I generally recommend parents or guardians book online sessions, given our sessions are often very short and it’s important that the child doesn’t feel any pressure to keep going.

A willingness to try and an open mind…

A child doesn’t need to understand how EFT or tapping works, all they need is a willingness to try something that could make their fear or worries go away. If you have a child who is experiencing a challenging time and you’re considering booking them in for a session, all you need to say to them is that you know a lady who knows where the magic buttons are on their face that can make their worries go away. You can also tell them it’s meant to be pretty fun, because it usually is!

Magic buttons and overcoming fear.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve successfully worked with children who couldn’t go to school because of a fear of germs or vomit, a little girl living on a farm who had lost all confidence after falling off her horse and couldn’t get back up, children with terrible fears of needles and hospital visits – there truly is very little these magic buttons can’t support!

Expect a lighter, chattier, happier child.

After one session, Kids can usually expect to feel lighter, happier, chattier and more relaxed – but it’s also not unusual for them to feel tired or emotional, either is perfectly okay and normal. They may tell mum or dad that their worries are still there, but the feedback is usually that they child is far more settled and there’s a notable shift. Sometimes one session is all it takes for a child to pat a dog, ride a horse, or go to bed without mum, but I always like to complete the 2 sessions irrespective. On occasion, children will see me for more than the 2 sessions, it’s really just a matter of how quickly they respond and how much they have going on.

In the majority of sessions I have children, they are eager to keep hitting the magic buttons – they find it fun and where possible, I try and make it so!

Tapping can be done at home - whenever they need it.

I honestly can’t recommend EFT enough, not only because I witness its effectiveness on the daily, but also because it encourages kids to connect with their feelings, and gives them an amazing tool to support themselves at home. Children can tap their magic buttons with their parents, on their own in bed, with their friends… Whenever they feel called to.


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September 03, 2021 — Amy Crawford

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