Welcome to Season 2 of Woman, Conversations for the Curious. During this season, I’ll be chatting about all matters relating to women and aging – we’ll discuss menopause, the journey towards grey hair, embracing a pro-age mindset, nutrition, strength and stamina, fashion, embracing our faces (just as they are).. you name it. If it relates to women and aging, we’ll go there!

In the first episode of the season, it’s a solo recording from Yours Truly, here to share a few of my own age-related perspectives and to call out what I like to call the elephant in the room – judgement. Judgement (or the fear of) can make many conversations around aging a little tricky. There is however no room for judgement here - just conversation to ask questions, get us thinking, build awareness and see if we can change some common narratives.

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Broadcast: October 21, 2022
Duration: 20:10

Here’s a snippet of my recording...

We can decide to embrace, not fight the aging process. It’s inevitable, so we get to carve out our journey.

The fear of judgement, and certainly in this instance the fear of leaving others feeling judged, can sometimes mean we don’t have the conversations we should have. During this season I want to have the important, sometimes tricky conversations to at least build awareness around some of the decisions we make and why, and the impact those decisions have on generations coming up behind us.

We are going to black ban the use of the word anti-aging – and instead we are going to promote aging WELL.

I touch on my #embraceyourface campaign on social media as a means of bringing awareness to societal pressure to look youthful through the use of injectables and surgery, and the age-related rhetoric that we become invisible, wrinkles should be erased, we should always look youthful..  Yes, we should do what makes US happy, but the question I often ponder is, to what end.. and, is it every really just about us?

I speak about mindset and studies that have shown that our mindset, more specifically our attitude to the aging process, directly impacts how we age.

I share a brief story about my decision to go grey based on one comment from my husband!

So come along, bring an open mind, take the bits that resonate or make you question, leave the bits that don’t.. Whatever the case, I hope this podcast series helps you embrace the inevitable chapter of aging – this is your permission to get excited.


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October 21, 2022 — Amy Crawford

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