Dry vagina? Why and what to do about it. With Melissa Louise

Melissa Louise is your Leading Pleasure Advocate, Erotic Blueprint Coach, & and a Sex, Intimacy & Relationship Expert. She supports women to reclaim their divine birthright to feel alive, orgasmic and turned the f*ck on no matter what their age or relationship status. And men to be more attractive, powerful, trustworthy, make more money and find freedom by lasting longer in bed.

The perfect erotic turn on cocktail that nourishes your health wealth and well being. With certifications also in Kink 101, Accelerated Evolution and Access Consciousness Melissa truly embodies that how we do life is how we do sex.
This is the true revolution of our time lovers.

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Broadcast: October 28, 2022
Duration: 43:22

Here is a snippet of our conversation…

Melissa on her aversion to the word ‘menopause’ which she refers to as ‘men on pause’..

If we break down the word, it’s putting men-on-pause.. if you're in heterosexual relationships, where you are going through that time, another one of ‘those times’ where we need to be controlled and feel afraid of, and you are going to lose your freedom and your joy and your juiciness, and you're going to put men on pause, which means you're going put sex on pause. So that's my thing on menopause - it's this subliminal message that you're going to be placed on pause - we're stopping you in your tracks woman, don't you get too big and too loud and too vivacious and too fabulous ..!

Women on being viewed as a problem to fix..

I would say about 80% of the planet don't get Red Tent culture. They do not get a ceremony. They are not schooled, they're not pulled into a coven of women sitting on the land bleeding, and told stories and shared how to take care of her menstruation, how to take care of her energy, how to take care of her body. They are told to shove things with chemicals up it. Oh, you've got acne? Take more pills, we're going to control you because we are viewed as a problem to fix. When we look at the medical culture, society, pharmaceutical, sun calendar, governed culture - by the time we get to menopause, the Purple Tent, well it's just another thing we need to fix..

But menopause, the place that is difficult, the place where we are drying up is the symptom of the whole life we have lived for the last 35 years. We don't suddenly reach menopause and now this stuff is happening. If there's dryness and there's pain, how long have we been dry? How long have we been out of our feminine energy? …Of course you're going to be dry by the time you get to the next change, the Purple Tent.

Butter over Botox for the dry vagina..

I use butter with everything and what has happened for me this year is I have a pussy like butter - she is soft and plump and glorious.. Most of us are raised, especially in the west, holding our breath. We need to be thinner. We need to be fitter. We need to have better hair. We are always wrong. So if we're always wrong and we always need fixing and we need to be better, we're in constant fight and flight. Our vagus nerve, around our throat, around our heart, the vagus nerve that starts at the cervix comes through all of our organs that are so undernourished, we're so undernourished.. We're under-loved. We're always trying to improve ourselves. The dryness of life. We are so dry and depleted ..we are not nourished from the inside.

What else can we do to reverse the dryness?

Have butter for breakfast! Second thing - get a jade egg - using an egg brings blood flow, brings juice. Have three litres of water, look at the way that we need to alkaline our body, look at our boundaries. When we look at acidity, we create acidity in our body when we don't have boundaries. We're not having enough sex. Our blood changes when we have good sex.

Become more aware of the cortisol..

This is really important. It is once again, the dismissal of the feminine experience in the workplace. We have 13 to 15% of testosterone that men have.. We need pleasure breaks. Little breaks - go make yourself a cup of tea in the sunshine. We need the dopamine hits to keep the cortisol out of our body so we can stay focused. And when we feel like we've dropped, when our testosterone's being used and we're running on cortisol, there's no point just pushing and pushing and pushing for the next three hours..


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