The many gifts of ageing, with Jane McCann

Jane is all about acknowledging the beauty and gift of ageing. After sharing her thoughts on menopause, mid life and ageing on Instagram, she’s become an accidental social media sensation who now partners with brands who embrace her ethos around growing older. With her infectious personality and joy of life, Jane inspires us to celebrate what it really means to be yourself - from life to love, fashion to beauty and everything in-between!

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Broadcast: February 3, 2023

Duration: 41:29

Here is a snippet of our conversation…

The catalyst for Jane’s powerful pro-age messaging..

I'll be 57 this year and I'm coming up to being the same age as my sister was when she passed away - she died from breast cancer, as did my mum, and my dad died from bowel cancer, and I've been speaking to other people in my orbit who have lost parents or someone significant in their life and as they get to that same age, there's a real sort of connection and a sense of, you know, time's not infinite. And I've really realised that in the last few months..and, I'm turning 57 and I'm realising, well, how young that actually is, but also that it's really important that I make the most of whatever time I have here because we don't know, we don't know what's going to happen. You know, I'm hoping I grow old into my nineties but, maybe I won't. So I need to absolutely honour my sister's journey and really embrace the age I'm entering into.

What would you say to that comment of feeling invisible as you age?

I actually don't agree. I don’t think that women become invisible. I think it's honestly that we just care a bit less about what people think about us. If I walk into a shop or a cafe or whatever and no one looks at me, or men don't look at me anymore, I just don't really care, I don't need that affirmation from other people anymore and that has come with age and being much more confident in myself now as a post-menopausal woman than I ever was before, and I think that comes from life experience and, you know, living a life and raising a family and working and all that kind of thing..

Jane’s definition of beauty:

I think too, my definition of beauty has really shifted. Previously it would definitely have been based on how someone looks - the physical appearance. But now I don't feel that at all. Beauty is our little granddaughter calling me Nanny J. Beauty is a beautiful sunrise. Beauty is a new jar of peanut butter. It’s so not related to anyone's appearance anymore, and I wish I had known that when I was younger because I was so insecure about how I looked.


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