How to apply make up for mature skin, with leading celebrity artist, Jaqueline Kalab

With 25 years experience, Jacqueline Kalab is one of Australia’s most in demand makeup artists having made up to 56,000 faces of makeup! Hollywood actors, rockstars, sports stars, heroes, politicians, through to local television celebrities and international models, she’s THE makeup artist for the stars. 9 years ago, out of demand from her clients, Jacqueline added her own brand of professional artist quality makeup brushes to her offerings. Since then she’s gone on to produce eye liners, mineral foundations, eye shadow and more. Jacqueline has also created an online self-makeup course, designed especially for busy women to build confidence, and change the way they use makeup.

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Broadcast: March 03, 2023

Duration: 1:08:51

Here is a snippet of our conversation…

How much impact does the brush have on the quality of the result?

The type of hair is probably the most important thing. Also the shape of the hair, whether it's domed or square, whether it's round, whether it's flat, whether it's full and thick. The density of the hair - so how much hair is packed into the brush will completely change the result. So certain applications, you want really dense, other applications, you want it quite loose and floppy. Then you've the thickness of the hair, the flex of the hair, how much it bends or how stiff it is.

What might a really busy woman consider purchasing to get the job done?

The foundation brush is a big winner. And then it really would depend on what's most important to that particular person. So for me, I can't go anywhere without my eyeliner. Someone else might be their blush. Someone else might like a shimmer all over their eyes. So if they like to shimmer all over their eyes, I would say the blender brush, if they're wanting to get their blush on, I'd say the glow brush. For me it's eyeliner so it's the smaller brush and the smudger brush. The smudger brush blends out my eyeliner and the smaller brush gets my contour eyeshadow on in two seconds

Jacqueline’s top tip for choosing foundation.

Test make up on the back of your hand. Blend it, blend it, blend it. If it disappears to nothing, which 95% of the makeup on the market probably does, just disappears to nothing and you can't see it, then it's not going do anything for you on your face. If it's gone, it's gone.

Are we cleansing our skin too much?

Yes. I pretty much stopped cleaning my skin. I'll use water and an all-natural borax and splash that on my face. And that has almost, almost completely killed any rosacea acne that I've had. I've 98% fixed chronic rosacea acne. I used to do the seven step routine in the morning and the seven step routine at night and I had just had the worst skin. From making up so many thousands and thousands of people it started to be beyond a coincidence that the people who took care of their skin the least, even proudly, were always the ones that had the best skin, I think in the 28 years I have been doing makeup.


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March 03, 2023 — Amy Crawford

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