Ep 53 - How a life changing year led to a podcast hiatus

Welcome to Series 3 of Woman, Conversations for the Curious. During this series we’ll continue to explore what it is to be a woman, especially in midlife and beyond. We’ll explore the tricky and life altering topics that impact us all – grief, the loss of parents, peri menopause, the matter of ageing and letting go of old versions of ourselves as we do.. we’ll also hear from guests who will support us to make significant and necessary decisions during this chapter of our lives.

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Broadcast: February 09, 2024

Duration: 10:06

In today’s brief episode I provide an emotional explanation around my podcast hiatus which will in turn help provide context for the podcast series to come. I’m so ready to have these conversations and I truly hope they help you feel seen, understood and comforted during what it is an incredible chapter of our lives.

Here’s a quick summary of what I touch on.

  • The decision to close my decade long therapy practise, that later saw me feeling universally supported and paved the way for the intensely challenging year ahead.
  • The huge financial, time and energy investment that is launching a new online store – and the matter of challenges in life that don’t stop for any of us to catch our breath.
  • The life-changing loss of a parent .. there’ll be much more shared around this in time – and the wisdom of life and its ability to let you know when it’s time to move forward.


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February 09, 2024 — Amy Crawford

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