The Holistic Ingredient - Marine Collagen Booster with Australian Kakadu and Davidson Plum The Holistic Ingredient - Marine Collagen Booster with Australian Kakadu and Davidson Plum

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Customer Reviews

I am so proud of the customer reviews at The Holistic Ingredient, and grateful for every customer taking the time to share their feedback.

Based on 122 reviews

I actually purchased this for a friend of my mums.. she was really suffering with severe dry eyes, affected by light . She sent me a message yesterday saying that after taking this for 6 days she was finally able to feel some relief and actually be outside . It is really top quality stuff. Thankyou

Oh wow Nikki, thank you so much for sharing this feedback, I am delighted to hear she is experiencing some relief - tell her to keep at it won't you!

I’m Hooked

It definitely helps to reenergize and take away the afternoon sluggish blues and heaviness that creeps up on you, and before you know it you’re looking to boost those energy levels with sugary foods.

Jane, how lovely to see you - you sure do look sparky and fresh! I'm thrilled the Daily Greens is supporting you to get through your day with an added pep in your step! Amy x

Daily greens

Enjoying adding this daily greens into my day!

Thanks for saying so Nicole, I'm really glad you're enjoying it. Amy x

Nourish & Flourish Bundle

I’m enjoying the bundle pack! The daily greens taste great with yogurt or water. The marine collagen is tasteless in hot beverages and smoothies. And the maca enhances my hot chocolate with a nutty flavour. Furthermore, they are healthy and good for me.
Thank you

Thank you for sharing your tips with us Rosie, I'm so glad you're enjoying your daily doses! It sure is a yum bundle - I hope your overall health and of course skin rewards you with your efforts pronto! Amy x

The Smell. The Taste. Divine!

The quality hits the second you open the bag.
I’ve been buying maca now for 12 years and this is the best I’ve come across. It’s texture, scent and taste are divine. Amy, well done on doing your research to bring such an amazing superfood product to town! Please never run out x

What fantastic feedback Kylie, I'm so thrilled you are enjoying the maca! As a long time maca user I fully agree, there's a big difference between one and another and I'm delighted with this blend. Thanks so much for support - and no, no plans to run out any time soon ;-)

Does everything it says and more

Great taste, loving the green’s powder with mineral water and ice when it’s hot. All in all I’ve found them to be superior products.

Thanks so much for your review Lynn, I'm thrilled you're happy with the blends and really appreciate your support. In great health to you!

Extra spice in my life 😉

So I've been taking Amy's maca powder for about 1 month and I've got to say that it has a definitely given me more spice in my love life. My hubby would be lucky if I was interested once a month. Let's just say things have improved in terms of quantity and quality. 😉
I'm also feeling more affectionate around him so he's happy for me to continue using this great product and doesn't want me to stop if I continue to feel like this.
Thanks for creating this great maca blend!

Well, this review certainly is a huge WIN for maca, is it not! Thank you for sharing your experience with us Karen, I'm delighted for you (and hubby of course ;-) - if this isn't reason enough for us all to continue with our daily dose of maca, I'm not sure what is - let there be more spice!


Not sure if it’s helping my menopause symptoms but it tastes nice on my morning fruit and yoghurt and in smoothies. Thanks Amy I’ll keep keeping on x

Thanks for your review Lynne, I'm so glad you're enjoying the flavour! Just to manage your expectations, I can see you've had your pouch for 2 weeks - it can take 6-12 weeks of regular doses of maca to notice benefits, there's lots of studies online about this if you're interested. I'd encourage you to continue with your daily maca and hopefully you will enjoy the benefits it can bring soon!

Best tasting greens

I’m so impressed with the taste, I have tried so many greens and this is amazing. I juiced pineapple, beetroot and ginger, added water and green powder- so good and good for me- all things anti inflammatory. I think it would be refreshing with mineral water on a hot day too.

Thanks so much for your review Lynn, I'm thrilled you're enjoying the Daily Greens blend. What a delicious sounding juice combo that is too! Agree re mineral water, will wait for our next warm day and give that a run!

Too Sweet

Hi Amy. I do enjoy this product and I am SO grateful that you decided to use monk fruit over say Stevia. But it is just too sweet lit makes me feel a little sick…

Thanks for your feedback Annie! You're best bet might be to run with the marine collagen with Hyaluronic acid - no flavour or sweetness which you can add to anything you choose whilst getting all the benefits of marine collagen!


I love this product as do several members of my family who will now be getting their own too.

Thrilled to hear it Kelly, thank you for your feedback!

Thicker hair

I’ve been taking marine collagen for 2 months now and my hairdresser recently commented on how much thicker my hair was! My nails are also strong. Can’t believe the results in such a short time. Loving this product!!

YES! Well done you for consistent daily dosing - it's paying off! Thanks so much for your review x

The BEST collagen

This is the BEST collagen on the market. Thank you Amy for such a premium, quality product I can feel great about taking every day. Also LOVING your maca and greens blend!

So glad you think so Evie! Thank you so much for your feedback x

Very satisfied

I like this product. I will continue to use it!

Thanks for sharing Sharyn, I'm delighted you're enjoying it!

Love it!

Tastes really good and my general mood and energy levels have increased. Highly recommend

Thrilled to hear is Sharyn, thank you for support!


I have tried many different kinds of Maca over the years and in the end gave up and haven’t used it for yonks. Yours are fantastic! That goes for the taste, colour and consistency. I’m a happy user again 😄

Thanks so much for your feedback Karlien, I'm thrilled you've given it another go AND you're happy!

Love your maca powder

I am loving your maca powder. I have it daily in a smoothie.

Thanks for your feedback Andrea, happy to know you're loving the maca!

Marine Collagen with Australian Kakadu and Davidson Plum

Gorgeous greens 💚

WOW!. Enjoying this daily just with water and I’m hooked. Best way to start the day. Gorg flavour, lemon and lime with the perfect amount of subtle sweetness.

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback Sophie - it's such a refreshing tipple isn't it!

The perfect Maca powder

I have been using Amys Maca powder daily for two weeks and absolutely love it. I have tried a few Maca powders and this one is smooth, finely ground and has that delicious sweet biscuity flavour. I add it to my ‘yellow’ smoothie in the morning (pineapple, banana, turmeric, ginger, maca and coconut water)! LOVE!

Absolutely delicious

The raw maca powder is so yummy, I have been taking it each day for over a week now and I have noticed a real difference in my energy levels, especially as I occasionally have insomnia and I just don’t feel so wiped out anymore if I haven’t slept well. Thank you for all the research and care you have put into sourcing such a high quality maca. You are amazing ☺️

Organic Raw Maca Powder
Jodie De Gruchy
Happy As

Hi there Amy yes I did receive my maca powder 3 weeks ago and was very excited to try it. I have read many of your reviews from happy customers stating how happy they were with the flavour of your maca powder. I have never tried it before and did read the article you posted the other day about taking it in the morning rather than the afternoon which I have been previously doing. I haven’t been taking it everyday but need to get into a regular routine it’s just a matter of my work routine that interferes with me taking it on a regular basis. Hopefully over Xmas I have three weeks break and look forward to making it a sail habit. I love reading your posts and listening to your podcasts. Jodie

Energy boost.

Very easy to add to my daily smoothie. I’m getting close to retirement and still doing shift work, so I need that extra something in the mornings. This Maca is by far the most effective in terms of giving me lasting energy. Tastes great too. Very happy with this purchase.

Daily Greens

By far the best I’ve tasted! You are a genius Amy 💚

Best tasting maca ever!

Absolutely LOVE this maca blend, thank you Amy! It truly is the miracle supplement I take daily, and this is by far the most delicious maca powder I’ve had.