55: The Power of Letting Go of Maybe’s in Your Life, with Sarah Tynan

Sarah Tynan is the Founder of the Quantum Coach Certification and the Quantum Business Academy. Through her programs, she helps people from all over the world create true abundance and freedom in their life and businesses.
She does this through interweaving the principles and quantum physics
and deliberate creation with POTENT business strategy. Sarah knows,
when you understand how to combine the two properly, it makes success
not only possible, but inevitable. This is the first two powerful conversations with Sarah that will change the way you make decisions in your life and bring you the courage you need to make them.

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Broadcast: February 16, 2024

Duration: 51:51

Here is a snippet of our conversation…

Yes, no and maybe:

When it comes to alignment, there's so many different layers of alignment, but we all know what a hell yes is - you don't even have to question it. If you notice a yes, your body automatically just leaps forward to it - it wants to move you toward something. We all know in our body what a no feels like for us. It feels like we're in this place of obligation, or it feels super heavy, or we don't want to do something, immediately your body pulls away - we know that's misaligned. But what actually happens, the thing that is most destructive in people's lives is this section that I call the maybe section...

A note on privilege and aligned decisions...

So here's the thing. I would never tell anyone to jump out of a job because I can tell you one thing, scarcity is way worse than misalignment, I would rather somebody be in a misaligned job than to be in scarcity, because scarcity is a pit that is hard to dig your way out of. So if somebody, for example, wants to come and work with me in the business academy and they want to leave their job, no, I won’t have them do that because the energy of scarcity, it leaves people powerless. And so what I am saying to people, is don't leave your job if it's misaligned and if it's going to put you in scarcity. What I am saying is to plant the seed inside of yourself to know that you no longer have to tolerate this anymore because what actually happens is things in their reality will just automatically start shifting...

The importance of releasing the how

So if we can just release the how, because the how is linked immediately to doubt. So just know that the how is never your job. I promise you the universe has that figured out for you because you wouldn't feel the way you felt if there wasn't more for you on the other side.. When you are detached and you release the how, you open up the magic.

The evidence distortion.

Everything that we're experiencing right now in our reality is an accumulation of all of our programming, all of our blocks, all of our distortions to this point. And all of our expansion as well, all of our growth, all of the everything. But here's the problem. What every human is doing is looking at their physical reality - that is an accumulation of our blocks, of our distortions, of our programs, and our expansion - but we look at our physical reality for evidence of what is possible. But all our physical reality is is an accumulation of our old programming and so when you're stuck in the evidence of what is right now, it is called an evidence distortion. We crave the evidence to give us the green light. And if we're looking for the evidence, well, we're never going to get the green light! We just have to choose based on divine knowing. That's why divine knowing is a superpower.


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