Ep 56 - The power of aligned bravery, with Sarah Tynan

Sarah Tynan is the Founder of the Quantum Coach Certification and the Quantum Business Academy. Through her programs, she helps people from all over the world create true abundance and freedom in their life and businesses.
She does this through interweaving the principles and quantum physics
and deliberate creation with POTENT business strategy. Sarah knows,
when you understand how to combine the two properly, it makes success
not only possible, but inevitable. This is the second of two powerful conversations with Sarah that This episode is a must listen for those feeling sick of their current reality and ready to experience positive and significant change.

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Broadcast: February 23, 2024

Duration: 43:56

Here is a snippet of our conversation…

The power of Aligned bravery

Aligned bravery is this knowing that you have got to do something. You have to make a decision, but it is scary as hell. …So with my beautiful spiritual people, they find that hard to discern because women especially are feelers. We feel our way through everything. And if something doesn't feel right, we have been innately hardwired to lean out and to back away. And so, aligned bravery can be extremely confusing because we can oftentimes misinterpret fear for something being misaligned. So this is one of the most powerful things. It is the divine knowing. It is something in yourself that is just pointing you in that direction and you know you have to do it. And sometimes it will be paired with fear. Your body will pull you towards it, even though you're scared as anything. But you have to lean into that edge.

The power of surrendering

In the energetic reality, if we don't want something and we continuously push at it, we reactivate it. So it's like instead of it moving away, we continuously have it as a looping experience in our reality. So we have to, when you want to call anything in, whether it's a relationship, whether it's business, whether it's money, whether it's whatever, when you decide it's already done and you build that muscle of deciding it's done, what actually happens is you have a spill on effect of detachment. Detachment is one of the most powerful things because it stops you from needing to push something away because you surrendered. When you surrender, you just let everything fall, wherever it needs to land. Instead of constantly pushing and reactivating, and trying to pull things near.

True freedom lies here...

We have to be okay with letting parts of ourselves die. And it is not comfortable sometimes, but this is what aligned bravery is. And if you want to change your life, you have to build that muscle of making aligned, brave decisions. And that's what transcending the evidence means. Yeah. And this is where you step into a place of true deliberate creation, because you're no longer being suppressed by your own thoughts, the fear, the programming, the old versions of yourself, what you feel or thought you had to cling to. This is like true freedom.

Decide what is true for you.

You just decide what's true for you. And sometimes you have to decide your way through things. You're not going to believe it at first. So here's what we need to understand what a belief is. A belief are just repetitive thoughts we continuously think over and over and over and over and over. So we actually have to decide that something else is true for us before we even believe it. And again, this is transcending your evidence, your old programming, you just have to decide your way through it and convince yourself.


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