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Palo Santo


85g, 5-8 sticks 
Cleanse and heal your space

A subtle, sweet, and woody scent to powerfully cleanse and heal your space. Palo Santo has uplifting energetic properties to help clear negative energy, raise your vibration and enhance creativity.

It has been used traditionally to support us through emotionally challenging times. Wild crafted, 100% natural and sustainably harvested from Ecuador. This holy wood is ideal for the creation of your sacred space.

Your palo santo will arrive in a handy linen pouch. As this is a natural, hand cut product the size of your sticks will vary, as will the number of sticks in each bag.

Amy says...

"I believe in the power of ritual and intention. I use palo santo to cleanse my living space as we welcome in a relaxing weekend day; to set an intention of creativity and clarity as I commence work, and; to help calm me when I’m feeling worried."

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Light the end of the Palo Santo stick and allow the flame to burn for about 30 seconds before blowing it out. Your stick should produce a substantial amount of smoke for you to smudge and cleanse your space.

You may choose to let it sit in a fireproof dish or waft it around your space. They usually go out in their own time, however should you need to put it out don't use water - gently nudge it into a bowl of sand or some soil.

Never leave burning incense unattended and always leave on a fire-proof surface. This is a natural wood product that produces aromatic smoke when burned – you may prefer to open a window.

Can be reused multiple times.

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Wild crafted and sustainably harvested Palo Santo wood from Ecuador.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa Cook
Palo Santo

First time using this product and I absolutely love it. Also it arrived super fast

Lisa I hope it brings you as much pleasure as it does me, such a sweet aroma for your space. Enjoy, and thank you for the review. Amy x

Jodie De Gruchy
Sweet smelling

I just love this product and I can’t wait to use it each day I’m at home.

Thanks for taking the time to say so Jodie, I'm delighted you are enjoying it as much as I do, Amy x

Jackie Isles
Palo Santo

Love the aroma and effects
Feel calm instantly
Think instructions on care and how to use would be great
Most in be transitioning from incense so receiving a bag of wood requires new ways of thinking
Congrats Aims xox

Thank you very much for your review Jac, and for your feedback. Thrilled you're enjoying it's sweet aroma. There are directions for use on the product page of the website in case you need them now, but for those who are new to palo santo included instructions will be a good idea too - coming soon! x

Aileen Gabbert
Palo Santo

I enjoy the aroma of this product. I find it can be difficult to light.

Thank you for your review Aileen, I am glad you are enjoying your palo santo. You definitely need to use a lighter of some description to get the flame going before it starts to smoke. Know that they will often only smoke for a few short minutes, enough to enjoy the sweet aroma. Amy x

Catherine Edwards
Palo Santo

I was so happy & grateful to recieve my little bag of Palo Sano & have been burning same daily as l affirm good intentions 🙏
It brings joy & l love the scent .....l don't know why but it reminds me of my travels throughout Nepal & South East Asia many moons ago
Thankyou ❤️

Thank you very much for your review Catherine, I am delighted that you are enjoying the lovely scent, and that it is reminiscent of your travels, how wonderful x