Mid week meals to cook for your man (+ a sizzling kitchen tip).

By Amy Crawford

If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, we're placing our bets that your guy will fall hard for these lip licking meals — and the smokin' cook who made them. Time to turn up the heat ladies. 

Monday to Friday is sorted. 

5 mid week meals to cook for your man.

Most epic corn fritters with avocado salsa  from the DUDE himself, Dan Churchill. Perfect for any time of the day, to take to the park with a footy to kick, or even for more romantic occasions (perhaps accompanying nights sitting in the heat on the front porch as you plan your lives away). 

Creamy garlic mussels, for the muscles of course. This dish is protein packed and nutrient dense. Mussels are packed with selenium, iodine and Omega 3. Selenium assists with healthy immune and cognitive function, and fertility. Thanks Hayden Quinn.

Char sui pork ribs. If the sweetheart in your life is sweet enough these sticky ribs are refined sugar free and are finger licking good. Pork is high in cystine (an amino acid) that works to remove toxicity from the body. Also great for healthy skin, hair bones and connective tissue.

Spicy sunflower seed veggie burgers... soft buns, oozing sauces, need we say more? If your man is a veggie, this will appeal. Most vegetarians will know that sunflower seeds are an excellent addition to a meat free diet as they are protein and nutrient dense. 

Dairy free nachos, for a treat night, on the couch, with a side of cuddles. Treat night need not be cheat night with this nutritious dish. Ditch the preservative laden Doritos and refer to this recipe next time please!


How to cook the perfect steak. Summer is coming and you're going to want to know how to cook a steak on the barbie. That is a meal your guy is going to LOVE. I'm pretty sure he's going to look at you and think "holy moly, how did I get so lucky' as he watches you masterfully navigate his barbecue too. Here's to proving dude food need not be unhealthy.

What do you like to cook for the men in your life? Please do report back with your winning recipe. We will update this post with your suggestions.



September 23 2015


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