Top tips to get your plants spring ready

One of the loveliest things about spring is watching my indoor plants 'spring' back to action with new growth; it's such a joy-giver. Today I've prepared a few tips to help your plants be all they can be following their winter slumber.

    1. They'll start getting a little thirstier. Spring means more light and with more light means more water. Keep a close eye on the soil moisture and up your watering gradually. If not already, use one of these water meters to help assess moisture more easily.

    2. Watch the sun! If you've moved your plants closer to windows, it may be time to shift them away again. Keep an eye on the direction of the sun and move away from direct burning rays.

    3. Consider a prune. Over winter our plants can suffer a little leaf drop and some yellowing or browning so this is a good time to trim off the impacted leaves.

    4. It's time for a spring clean! Grab a soft cloth and some Neem Oil Spray to clean off their leaves. This will improve the plant's ability to photosynthesise and respire, and also protect your plants against pests.

    5. Consider a new pot. Plants are best repotted when they are actively growing in spring and summer, so now is the time! Take a look under your plant, if its roots are growing through the holes in your pot this means it's root bound and wants to spread it's legs. Don't go too big though, just a couple of cm's is usually all they need. When I repot, I add soil & microbe booster to the soil for extra oomph.

    6. It's feeding time at the zoo! It's likely you've not been feeding your plants over winter so this means they are probably hungry for nutrients - like growing kids, they need fuel to help them thrive. I use Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food.

    7. Consider a styling session! With new growth it's a great time to consider turning your trailing or climbing plants into a work of art. Consider these stylish Ivy Muse plant stakes.
Top tips to get your plants spring ready

Final tip? Go buy yourself a new plant, it's (almost) spring, and you deserve it.

Amy Crawford
Tagged: NATURE

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