What does one really need to say about these, except maybe "make them". These popsicles are delicious, simple to make (even easier than walking all the way to the corner store) and significantly, nutritious.

For the Popsicles:
1 large banana (or 2 small bananas)
1 cup full fat natural, Greek or coconut yoghurt 
½ cup full fat coconut cream 
2 tablespoons raw cacao powder
1 large handful of mint (go for your life with the mint, the recipe can handle a lot).

Blend all ingredients until smooth. Pour into popsicle makers, pop in the sticks and place in the freezer overnight.

For Choc Top:
100g block of Loving Earth raw mint dark chocolate
2 heaped teaspoons Loving Earth coconut oil/butter

Once the popsicles are frozen you are ready to get dipping!

Prepare a tray lined with baking paper that will fit into your freezer. To melt the chocolate, break up the bar into pieces and melt in a bowl with the coconut oil over a saucepan of lightly boiling water. Do not allow any water to hit the chocolate. Once melted I transferred the melted chocolate to a narrow jar that would allow me to quickly dip in the frozen popsicle tip (you could also pour the chocolate over the whole popsicle, knowing that you will have plenty of chocolate to do so). To remove the popsicles from the popsicle makers, run luke-warm (or even hot) water over the base for a few seconds to help ease them out. Then dip them very quickly into your chocolate. Once dipped the chocolate should freeze quickly. Place it on the lined tray and back into the freezer...or devour!

Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

simple = good