Our last Vegan Nutty Chickpea Blondies recipe post got us thinking about the vegans and vegetarians in our midst. We are meat eaters here at THI but do appreciate that every body is different and that we all require different nutrients to survive AND feel good. Likewise, we have differing beliefs to maintain (more on my seemingly controversial thoughts around that here). In appreciation of the differences amongst us all (and our varying taste buds of course), we have pulled together a compendium of THI recipes that have been dedicated to meat free living. 

(This is a great resource to keep on hand for the carnivores amongst you who subscribe to Meat Free Monday).

Do know that many a THI recipe can be adjusted to be vegan or vegetarian friendly, so take a look around our site beyond this list. So many recipes to offer you some inspiration.

Beautiful Breakfasts

Gingerbread Smoothie

Cinnamon Pear Pancakes

Dairy Free Mandarin & Lucuma Chia Parfait

Scrumptious Snacks & Sides

No-Bake Tropical Amaranth Bars

Dairy Free Basil Pesto

A Middle Eastern Inspired Hummus

Vanilla Infused Sesame Seed Milk

Cranberry & Pistachio Quinoa Bars (pictured below)

Magic Main Meals

Sweet Eggplant & Pumpkin Indian Curry

Sweet Potato Mushroom Burgers

Quinoa Salad with Zucchini, Peas and Preserved Lemon

Porcini Mushroom and Kale Buckwheat Risotto

Sweet Sweets

Raw Vegan Maqui Berry 'Cheesecake' (pictured below)

Creamy Vegan Lemon 'Cheesecake'

Amy's Deliciously Vegan & Nut Free Chocolate Birthday Cake

I'm quite enjoying pulling together recipes in posts such as this! Have you seen our 16 great healthy dinner ideas and 16 great healthy breakfast ideas articles? 

What's next? It's probably chocolate related... right? :)

March 31, 2015 — Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

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