Healthy chocolate muffins

What do you know, our most popular recipes are all infused with cacao - who'da thought?!

We thought we'd make it easy for you and pile the latest and greatest THI chocolate recipes into one post - our very best chocolate recipes ever. File this article away, it'll most certainly come in handy when that pesky sweet tooth is making itself known.

1. The basics.
Of course it's only pertinent that you learn how to make your own Raw (refined sugar free) Chocolate. One bite and you will never go back. 

2. When baking.
When you lead a gluten free lifestyle, it's a mighty fine day when you get to eat seriously good cake. Cake that isn't dry/resembles cardboard and is full of ingredients you are all too happy to ingest. I'm not a big baker, therefore I'm not a big cake eater. Let it be known however, that when it comes to anything chocolate, all bets are off!

Check out the Beetroot, Quinoa & Chocolate Muffins (photo above) - this recipe is one of our all time faves.

The Quinoa Chocolate Cake (below) is a serious winner too (and quite pertinently - FAIL PROOF!). Seriously. Just make it. It's THAT good. 

chocolate cake recipe

For the vegans (and non-vegans), these Choc Nut Butter Scrolls (below) and Nut Free Choccy Cake are worth a look.

Chocolate nut butter scrolls

3. For breakfast.
Starting the day with chocolate is just pure luxury. The thing is, it's actually a healthy choice when incorporated into these recipes. The Chocolate Sweet Omelette (pictured below) with Coconut Sautéed Pears is a twist on my world famous Sweet Om (yep, let's make it 'world famous', it's a global blog isn't it?).

Try the Very Berry Chocolate Chia Mousse too!

chocolate breakfast recipe

How's about a chocolate smoothie for breakfast, a Choc-Orange Jaffa Smoothie no less? Check it out below. Yes paaleeease!

Or maybe your penchant is for cherries, in which case how's about a Cherry Ripe Smoothie? 

Chocolate smoothie recipe

4. For morning or afternoon tea.

The chocolate peanut butter cups below are one of my very favourite recipes. As a crunchy PB fanatic, PB goes with most things, especially chocolate!

Healthy homemade chocolate

But if you are as nutty as I am about roast almonds you'll absolutely drooooool all over these Amazing Roast Almond and Sea Salt Clusters. 

I'll be many of you have nver considered the humble chickpea for a chocolatey snack have you! If not why not! Here's our Vegan Nutty Chickpea Blondies, below.

Chocolate blondies

5. And of course dessert!

If not already, you simply must master a healthy take on the Magnum Ego by then. For a simpler dessert on a popsicle, these Choc Mint & Banana Popsicles are fun.

But if you are looking for something even simpler, I'd be going for our Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana Bites. Oh yes I would. 

Having said alllll of that, if love is in the air, surely our Choc Strawberry Love Bites are a mandatory choice? 

Chocolate coated strawberries

TO ALL THE HOME CHEFS! We're taking chocolate recipe submissions! **

Describe your most delicious home made creation in the comments below. We'll choose our favourite, get you to send us your recipe, recreate it and publish it in September (with full credit to you of course, here and on social media). Get creative! (ps no refined sugar, gluten or additives of any kind ok folks?)

** Please note this post has been edited since August 2015 and our submissions have been taken!

If I was you I would be saving these chocolate recipes to your Pinterest board so you will FOREVER have access to the chocolatey inspiration!  

August 25, 2015 — Amy Crawford

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