Mint avocado raspberry collagen smoothie

This recipe has been formulated with your skin health in mind, and is a delicious and healthy addition to a summery diet.

When considering food for skin health, we shouldn't look past the humble avocado. In fact, research findings suggest that daily consumption of avocado may lead to improved elasticity and firmness in women's facial skin*. 

So how else might we power up a skin-boosting meal? By adding raspberries and marine collagen, of course.

Raspberries are laden with both antioxidants and vitamin C. Antioxidants can reduce signs of aging by fighting free radicals in your body.  Vitamin C is of course essential for healthy skin, and improves the efficacy of collagen production.

Collagen production in our body reduces as we age (it's said to reduce by up to 50% by the time we've hit 50) and as this happens, we witness visible signs of aging such as increased fine lines, and dry, sagging skin. Supplementing with a quality marine collagen powder can therefore support healthy skin as we age.

As simple as this recipe is, it requires one step of preparation before you whip it up. You may notice that there is no banana in this recipe, so to make it extra creamy you'll be freezing your avocado! If you've not done this before, simply remove the skin of a ripe avocado (not over ripe), and slice it up. Place your avo pieces on a piece of baking paper in the freezer for 30 minutes and once frozen pop into a zip lock bag, removing as much air as you can and freeze for up to a month. 

Mint avocado raspberry collagen smoothie

Serves - 1 large or 2 small smoothies:

1/2 frozen avocado (in chunks)
1 cup frozen raspberries
1.5 cups milk of choice
1 heaped teaspoon unflavoured collagen or raspberry flavoured collagen
A small handful mint leaves
2 dessertspoons honey or maple syrup (optional, to taste)
A small handful of ice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract 
Pinch sea salt

Blend until smooth and enjoy! 

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*Avocado Consumption Increased Skin Elasticity and Firmness in Women - A Pilot Study

Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

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