Blueberry lemon coconut chia pudding

As the weather warms, colder breakfasts become far more appealing and most of us look forward to the onset of fresh organic berries. During berry off-season I always have a stash of frozen organic berries in the freezer, in the knowledge that fresh frozen fruit and veg are still very high in nutrient content. It's important that we strive to eat all colours of the rainbow to properly fuel our bodies. 

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This blueberry chia pudding is ideally whipped up the night before and left in the fridge, ready for you to devour the next morning. If you need to 'grab and go' you might consider pouring it into a lidded jar so you can throw it into your bag en route. Don’t be afraid to add some protein of choice for a little more staying power too – and definitely don’t forget your teaspoon!

Serves 1-2

1 cup coconut water
½ cup coconut milk, fresh or canned
½ cup blueberries, fresh or frozen
3 tablespoons chia seeds
2 tablespoons lemon zest 
1 heaped tablespoon rice malt syrup, or sweetener of choice, to taste
2 heaped teaspoons unflavoured marine collagen
1 heaped teaspoon maca powder, optional

Place all ingredients into the blender, adding the chia seeds last. Blend on high until smooth. Pour into a glass/jar and stand for at least 10 minutes, allowing the chia seeds to soften and the pudding to thicken. 

Blueberry chia pudding

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