Less than a year ago, ALL of the below bullet points applied to me. A few months later, following one two hour, life transformational treatment, not one of them did.

  • Fear of spiders
  • Fear of public speaking
  • A feeling of not being good enough (at lots of things)
  • The fear of not being able to free myself from my recruitment career
  • The fear of the unknown
  • The feeling of being stuck, knowing there was something else but having no idea how to find it
  • A need to please others
  • Guilt
  • The fear that I would never be free of CFS
  • The belief that every time I get overwhelmed I'd have a CFS crash
  • The belief that I needed 8 hours sleep a night, or I wouldn’t function

...and believe me that wasn’t the extent of my list.

Towards the end of my CFS recovery there was something inside of me that just wouldn’t shift, that wouldn’t allow me to break free from the illness that had plagued me for years. I’d muddle along for a few weeks feeling a million bucks, telling everyone that I was finally 'free' and 100% healthy. Then my to do list would get out of control, I'd get overwhelmed and hey presto! I’d crash flat on my back for days. It became a terrible frustrating cycle. I soon came to realise that this cycle was triggered entirely by emotion; it had nothing to do with my physical health at all. It was at this point that I knew I needed to focus on my spiritual and emotional health to jump that final hurdle.

What is CTC?

Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) is a life transformational bundle of therapies that frees us of every single thing that holds us back from feeling and being amazing. Founded by Joanne Antoun, CTC combines a number of therapies in one personalised ‘power’ session that gets to the root cause of every limiting belief, addiction, illness, negative emotion (you name it) and it clears the lot, just like that.

CTC includes but is not limited to, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguisitc Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy and Reiki. Each session is designed to specifically address the list of issues the client brings to the table.

How did CTC transform my life?

One day I had CFS, the next I was entirely free of it. Seriously. I literally walked clear of that awfully debilitating illness (and all of those other bullet pointed issues) following one CTC treatment and never looked back. It was so transformational I can’t tell you. The paralysing fear of public speaking had been with me for 20 years? Gone. That feeling of not being good enough (which had me questioning my ability to write a successful recipe book, or build a business as therapist), gone. That need to please significant others by making decisions I knew would please them (albeit not myself), gone. All of it simply disappeared. It was like I was an entirely different person. The weight of all of that 'crap' had completely lifted. I felt totally empowered and free. I felt amazing.

How can you become a CTC Practitioner and transform the lives of others?

You complete an 11 day intensive practitioner training course with the CTC founder, Joanne Antoun. This includes 1 study day and clinic hours. The only prerequisite is that you are a Reiki 2 practitioner. The good news is that you can complete your Reiki training through Joanne also, by attending two incredible Reiki weekends in Melbourne or Sydney. 

What is it like to be a CTC Practitioner?

AMAZING. This job fills me with so much amazing energy, joy and satisfaction I can't tell you. Day after day I get to see people's lives transform before my very eyes. Many come to me with pages of emotional issues and fears that they have been carrying around with them every day for years. They come to me weighed down with the burden of it all. 2 - 2.5 hours later they leave a different person, radiating this amazing new energy and a typically a beautiful feeling of lightness and relief. But it's the feedback I receive that really rocks my world, the monumental shifts in people's lives who have been transformed by CTC. I could not ask for a better job.

Joanne Antoun is a Lecturer in the field of Personal Growth and Consciousness, a Gifted Medium, Creator and trainer of CTC Technique, a Psychotherapist, Reiki Master Teacher, NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, Hypnotherapy Trainer, EFT Trainer, Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Teacher of Accelerated Learning Techniques,and an Author. Joanne is available for Corporate Events.

July 17, 2013 — Amy Crawford

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