We are faced with hundreds... thousands (!!) of food choices every day. Sometimes you simply have to break it down for the sake of your health and ask yourself... "Is there a better option?"

Here's a table that offers some suggestions for everyday offerings. We're not saying that you should always steer clear of column 1, however column 2 is full of the good stuff and simply offers a very good for you alternative. So how about these options instead?

Click on the links for recipe suggestions and healthy tips associated with each ingredient.

(Lots of healthy ways to substitute unhealthy kids for for healthier options in our new eBook 'Nourishing Kids' too. Think gluten free puff pastry on sausage rolls, healthy chocolate crackles etc. Big kids will love it too).

Do you really need? How about this instead?
A chocolate candy bar ? Raw cacao homemade chocolate, carob
A soft drink? Kombucha
Tonic water? Soda or mineral water
Vegetable oil for cooking? Coconut oil (this is the best oil for cooking as it has a high smoke point)
White pasta? Zucchini ribbons, or mung bean pasta
White rice? Quinoa, cooked millet, cauliflower rice
Cows milk cheese? Cashew cheese
Dairy milk? Nut milk or oat milk or coconut milk
Soy sauce? Wheat free tamari
Refined white sugar? Coconut sugar, rice malt syrup, honey, or any natural sweetener.
White table salt? Pink Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
Margarine? Grass fed butter or ghee
Mayonnaise? Greek yoghurt or coconut yoghurt
Croutons? Mixed nuts and seeds
Bread crumbs? Rolled oats or nut meal, polenta or quinoa flakes
White bread? Sour dough or gluten free bread, or why not a cos lettuce leaf?
Potato crisps? Sweet potato chips, beetroot chips, kale chips

Also! Your handy table for how to substitute eggs in baking. Find it here.

What else do we need to add to the list?! We'll update this table with your suggestions as you mention them in the comments below.

March 10, 2015 — Sarah Elizabeth John

Made by Amy

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