Here we are nearly halfway through 2014. Someone asked me recently if I'd booked my flights home to Tassie for Christmas and I couldn't believe it - where has the year gone for goodness sake?! In any case I thought now would be a great opportunity for all of us to check back in on our goals and aspirations for the year. What goals did you set yourself at the start of the year? Are you on track to achieving them? Have you let some of them fall by the wayside just a little (or fully)? Maybe some of the goals you created are no longer a priority for you anyway.

Whatever the case, no matter what you've achieved in the first half of the year, the next half of the year is yours. Dig out those goals and reassess them - which ones no longer feel right for you, which ones do? Are you battling to find answers as the year progresses?

I shared the most wonderful weekend just gone with my Reiki Master and CTC Founder Joanne Antoun. Joanne shared with me a very simple yet powerful 'trick' - if you're feeling uncertain about the decisions you are trying to make.

What you need to do is get out of your head and into your heart. Our heart space is an awakened space and allows us to truly hear our intuitive voice - our heart knows things intuitively. According to The Institute of HeartMath: "The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain..." And further. "The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions."

When we rely on our head on the other hand, decision making can become all the more difficult because our limiting beliefs and fears often create stress and overwhelm during that process, making it difficult to find clarity and do what 'feels' right.

To do this very simple yet highly effective exercise, simply grab two fingers (index and middle) and press them against your heart chakra (this is between the breasts). By doing this you are connecting to and bringing awareness directly to your heart chakra. Now ask yourself a question that looks for a yes or no answer. For instance, "Is this course worth my investment?" or "is this relationship adding value to my life?" The yes or no answer will come to you automatically, and there you have your answer.

So why not go grab your 2014 goals and reassess them now. It's ok if your priorities changed, it's more than ok to let some things go. Grab your two fingers and connect with your heart chakra today as you reassess your goals.

How was that process for you? Has this helped you make some quick and powerful decisions? 

Amy Crawford

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