You've honed in on your diet and any potential food intolerances, eliminated dairy or gluten or whatever doesn't work so well for you. Exercise is now a priority and you make time for meditation and a calm mind. High fives all around.

We're getting down to the 'nuts and bolts' of health now; breaking it all down and considering all the foundational tools of wellness. 

I wonder, have you considered the benefits of infrared heat?

By now many of you would know that I am a huge supporter of the Sunlighten infrared sauna - and so I should be given it's profound effect on my journey to health from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I'll never forget my very first experience and the excitement that I felt following, given the renewed sense of vitality I felt in my body. 

The Sunlighten sauna has a multitude of benefits. It has the ability to detoxify our bodies and eliminate heavy metals, aid in weight loss, build the immune and cardiovascular systems, improve skin tone and blood flow, and reduce stress. Immersing yourself in this sauna for just an hour or two every week can have hugely beneficial and quickly noticeable results.

Great! But you're probably thinking... "Sure Amy, sounds great, but when do I really have time to make a trip to go sauna?" Or "...but my gym doesn't have an infra red sauna" or perhaps "This sounds amazing Aims but travelling for regular sauna sessions is just not financially realistic for me".

(Fair enough questions too I might add). 

What if I told you you could enjoy the benefits of this sauna within the comfort of your own home?

Well you can and you don't need a mansion! All you need is a couple of metres of floor space in the corner of a room for a start - which is exactly why I invested in this particular model (because I don't, as it happens live in a mansion, yet ;-). The Solo System offered by Sunlighten Saunas is a one person lay down sauna (think dome or cocoon) that is designed to be easily packed up and stored away if necessary. This sauna delivers an infrared heat that raises the core body temperature and induces a deep, healthy sweat. It differs from the conventional hot box saunas in that the heat is customisable and quite gentle, not like the suffocating steam rooms of your gym. 

Initially I purchased this specific sauna to heal from CFS. Now I use it for the guarantee of my ongoing wellness, in an effort to reduce unavoidable environmental toxicity, first and foremost. 

My personal sauna experience.

What I love most about this sauna is that it's not an oppressive heat. My experience with hot box saunas is I start wishing I could jump out within minutes; breathing becomes challenging and I have to will myself to sit tight and ride it out. It takes about ten minutes to heat the infrared sauna and as soon as I jump in I feel immediately relaxed (and very cosy). The sweating process is very, very gradual and often I won't start sweating for 15-20 minutes (it heats you very slowly from the inside out). Typically I lie in the sauna for 25-30 minutes at approximately 65 degrees and by it's conclusion I am well and truly drenched (too much information, possibly). Quite often I try to use this time for meditation but more often I fall asleep (ooops) - it appears I am killing many birds with one stone. It I could be honest, what ultimately drives me to this particular corner of my room is the AMAZING way I feel post sauna - energised, relaxed and refreshed, it's that feeling of 'runners high'. Quite often I use this sauna as a means of energising me before I go out, if I'm feeling tired after a busy week it is the very best pick me up, it inspires me to want to be good to my body. 

So, some good news for you folks! Firstly, know the Solo System is available to rent if you'd like to experience the sauna benefits before you buy: $145/week for a minimum of 3 weeks. Secondly, Sunlighten Saunas would like to offer all THI readers a 10% discount off the RRP of the Solo System until September 30th

If you’re in Melbourne, pencil in an hour in the next week for a complimentary session (usually $40 – free for THI readers!) Call 9696 4602 and mention The Holistic Ingredient, or book online at visit (and enter ‘THI’ in the comments field).


September 10, 2014 — Amy Crawford

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