Five simple ways to boost your magnesium levels.

By Amy Crawford

Boosting magnesium

Last week we spoke about the power of magnesium and why you need it in your life; we may not need much of it but we now understand just how significant it is. Magnesium is something we all need but something many of us don't get enough of. We need around 400mg per day but for a mix of reasons we can be deficient (without even knowing it).

So, to make sure you're getting enough of the good stuff, here's five simple ways to boost your magnesium levels. Include a few each day to cover all your bases and support your well-being.

1. Green leafy vegetables

It blows my mind how many health issues can be fixed simply by eating green vegetables; they’re the foundation of every successful eating plan for very good reason. Greens are packed with so much good stuff, including large serves of magnesium and calcium. 

Spinach is the green veggie king with 156 mg of magnesium per cup. Collard greens, kale and swiss chard also pack a serious punch.

What does it mean for you? Up the delicious salads in your diet, replace unhealthy snacks with green alternatives (try my kale chips and you’ll never go back), and add more green goodness to your dinner plate. If you’re stuck for time during the week, add a green juice to your morning schedule for a big hit of minerals and energy to take on the day.  

2. Bath Salts

Is there anything more rejuvenating than sliding into a warm tub of bath salts? There’s actually a scientific explanation for that.

During the day we build up stress which drains the body of magnesium and increases adrenaline, limiting its built-in relaxation functions. When bath salts are dissolved in warm water they’re absorbed through the skin, replenishing the body’s magnesium and producing serotonin which sends calming signals to the brain.  

And guess what? You can make them yourself! Here’s some easy and cost-effective bath salts recipes you can try at home to add a scientifically-proven dash of serenity (and magnesium!) to your life.

Or you can buy some of my favourite bath salts from the fabulous Oh My Goodness website and really make it easy for yourself (you even get free shipping and a 10% discount for being a THI follower, simply enter OMG LOVES THI before the end of November - woot!).  

3. Magnesium Oil Spray

You don’t need to take a bath to absorb magnesium through your skin – you can get your daily intake anytime you want with a magnesium oil spray (while this isn't strictly an oil, it feels like one).

It’s a great alternative and you may find a spray bottle easy to slip into your daily routine. The theory goes that those deficient in magnesium will have the strongest reactions it. You may feel a slight tingling or, even better, feel ready for a good, long sleep, as I have. If you exercise regularly, a magnesium spray can help to calm your muscles down after a big workout. 

You can buy a pre-made magnesium spray but it’s very easy to create your own at home for a fraction of the price. All you need are some magnesium chloride flakes, water, and a bottle with a spray nozzle! Here is how simple it is:

You will need:

  • ½ cup magnesium chloride flakes
  • ½ cup filtered or distilled water
  • a spray bottle

Bring the filtered/distilled water to a boil. Take it off the heat and stir in the flakes until they are completely dissolved. Let it cool and transfer to a spray bottle.

Oh and a personal observation - the stuff leaves you sticky! So let it settle on your body to work it's magic for 30 minutes or so and go take a shower (is my tip).

4. Go nuts! (and seeds)

If there was a superfood convention and all of the healthiest foods were in attendance, there’d be a posse of seeds right up the front. They’re all high in healthy fats and zinc (to name just a few) as well as our good friend magnesium.

A quarter-cup of pumpkin seeds contain a whopping 190 mg of magnesium, 66% of the required female daily intake on it’s own. Sesame seeds are also rich in the mineral, as are sunflower seeds and cashew nuts.

A great option is to make up your own seed and nut mix at home to snack on through the day (you could even try activating them for a double dose of all the good stuff). Add the above as well as a few dried fruits and other healthy snacks you love, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic energy source that’s easy to create and take with you during the week.

5. Move towards balance

You know all that good work you've done building up your magnesium levels? Well, too much caffeine, alcohol and processed foods can undo all of that.

Getting the right amount of magnesium in your day does wonders for your body but also think about the things you are doing that are depleting it. This means listening to your body. Listen to how much caffeine it knows it can have each day, which foods make you feel good and which don’t feel right.

So tell me, what's your favourite way to get magnesium into your body? Are you a bather, a sprayer or a green juice inhaler? 

Boosting magnesium naturally



November 04 2016

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