Relaxing baby balm recipe

For those of you with children, I have it on good authority that when bath time rolls around both Mum/Dad and baby can sometimes do with a bit of relaxing and calming. Baby massage is a lovely practice to introduce to the nightly routine and can be done in just a few short minutes depending on how baby is feeling.

I've created a buttery soft massage balm that not only hydrates and soothes the skin but also calms the mind, thanks to the inclusion of high quality base oils and doTERRA's Lavender and Balance essential oils. Balance is a blend of essential oils that promotes harmony, tranquility, and a sense of relaxation through its peaceful fragrance. Lavender as we well know, promotes calm, relaxed feelings and is most often used before a peaceful sleep.  I know there are many mothers who swear by these essential oils and this balm. The base oils I have included are: 

  • Cocoa Butter is naturally high in antioxidants and fatty acids which are moisturising and hydrating to the skin.
  • Shea Butter is nourishing and is a natural source of Vitamin A
  • Castor Oil has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in fatty acids that can soften the skin. 

To make this luscious balm, you will need:
1/4 cup cocoa butter
1/4 cup shea butter
1 Tablespoon castor oil
7 drops of doTERRA Lavender essential oil
7 drops of doTERRA Balance essential oil blend

Heat all ingredients (except essential oils) in a glass jar over a small pan of boiling water. Stir carefully until melted. Remove from heat and add essential oils if using. Pop the lid on the jar and you are done!

Start by rubbing this balm into the soles of the feet using small circular movements or long strokes from the heel towards the toes. A few other massage spots to consider is the tummy (circular clockwise motion) and along the spine beginning at the base and gradually moving up towards the neck. As the balm warms with the heat of the skin the wonderful aroma can do it's calming work.  

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June 06, 2018 — Amy Crawford

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