Yoni Mapping Therapy

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Recently I took holistic healing to a whole new level and experienced Yoni Mapping Therapy for the very first time. Needless to say, it was far from my usual Friday morning routine.

Now, you'll be forgiven for not knowing this therapy even existed; my Melbourne based Yoni therapist Freya Graf is one of only 20 practitioners in the world; there's certainly work to be done to build awareness around the huge array of benefits that can be achieved.

I attended having very little idea as to what I could expect or how I might feel, but mostly it was a feeling of excited anticipation. I'd of course read the testimonials on Freya's website so I went feeling optimistic for a pretty special experience. As soon as I met and chatted with Freya I felt comfortable and excited to dive in (pun intended).  Crucially, I quickly came to feel that this was a safe place, one of non-judgement and of course, entirely unique to anything I'd ever experienced.

In short, this session was the most beautiful, freeing and luxurious therapy I've ever had. I became more aware of different sensation, of my capability, of how and where I need to nourish myself more in my life. I left feeling more empowered, more liberated and more excited to embrace who I've become as a 40 something woman.

(If it feels more comfortable to you at this time, there are many benefits to learning this technique yourself. Have a read of this article by Laura Rose Halliday from SchoolofSquirt.com for a step-by-step guide!)

It perplexes me that there remains so much discomfort and reticence amongst women to learn, share and talk more about this area of our body. Opening up the discussion and ensuring that more women become aware if not just curious of this offering and how it might benefit them, feels like a really important step.

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So, without further ado, please meet my beautiful Melbourne therapist, Freya Graf*.  Freya, so wonderful to have you here. Could you start by telling us what the word 'Yoni' means?

Thank you so much for having me!

'Yoni’ is a Sanskrit word that refers to the vagina and translates to “the source of all life/divine passage/sacred space”. It is the place of origin, of birth, of life.

I can't tell you then what an incredible pleasure it is to work with women and their powerful Yonis in such an intimate and special way, to hold space for a woman to heal her relationship with this mysterious part of her body and to educate her on her pleasure anatomy in a way that we all miss out on in school. It sure is a rewarding day job! 

I bet it is! What then, is Yoni Mapping Therapy?

Yoni Mapping Therapy is a special and unique form of therapy that is provided only by women, for women. It involves talk therapy, coaching, education, embodied learning, nurturing and respectful bodywork, external and internal vaginal massage, pelvic and abdominal work, and vaginal mapping.

YMT is a holistic healing modality that is accredited and recognised as an alternative therapy with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

So what are the benefits of YMT Freya? 

These are many and varied. A woman might come for a session to:

- release tension in muscles, ligaments and tendons within the pelvic bowl

- increase sensitivity internally for more orgasmic sensation and pleasure potential

- heal and regain a healthy pelvic floor after childbirth

- prepare the pelvic floor for childbirth

- relieve menstrual pain

- learn about sexual anatomy, orgasm, sex and self pleasuring

- tone and increase articulation of internal muscles

- release and heal from sexual or medical trauma

- have a frank, non-judgemental chat with someone about all things sex, vaginas, and relationships

- rehabilitate pelvic floor muscles and assist prolapse

- scar tissue remediation

- bring fresh blood flow, increased circulation, and awareness to soft tissue within the pelvic floor

- feel more connected to their bodies, pelvic region and yonis

- release shame or guilt in relation to their sexuality and natural sensuality

- feel sensations and a level of connection they've never felt before

- be more empowered and in control of their body

Fundamentally, it's a hugely healing and rare experience of actually being touched and explored - in this usually private and almost exclusively ‘sexual’ area - with a completely non-goal oriented approach - there's no expectations, nothing needed in return, and no particular response required. To be lovingly and gently given a guided tour of your inner landscape in a safe, nurturing and educational way is not something most women have ever experienced, and this in itself can be extremely powerful for the woman receiving.

Yoni Mapping Therapy

Photo by Sarah Comeau on Unsplash

I'm sure many of my readers are busting to know - what is involved in a session?

Each session is 3 hours long and involves a combination of verbal communication and physical bodywork. The length of these sessions is important in order to ease into such a deep and intimate process that requires trust, surrender and relaxation before a woman’s yoni is approached.

To begin with, we share a pot of herbal tea and discuss where you are at with your body/sexuality. We might chat about why you have come for the session/your intention, homeplay exercises that you can take with you to continue your own healing journey and growth, information about your body or practices that may be helpful to you and empower you in areas you’d like some assistance in, and what’s stopping you from being your most fulfilled, powerful sexual self. 

Next, a full body massage is essential to warm up and relax the whole body before we move towards the yoni massage. I use Kahuna (Hawaiian temple style) massage for this.

After this, I will move on to the pelvic and external yoni massage before completing the session with internal yoni massage and mapping where I give the entire vagina gentle massage, and take you through the key anatomical areas. Throughout the yoni work you might have emotions, memories, or sensations come up that are there to be felt and released. There may be tension or discomfort, numbness, pleasure, giggles, tears, anger, you name it!

This is all normal and natural - everything is welcome and accepted without judgement, and a woman is encouraged to be as expressive and free as she needs to be to get the most out of a session.

After an initial session, I send out a follow-up email with a reminder of any home-play practices or resources we discussed.

How many sessions might someone need?

Depending on why you’re coming, you may only need one session to send you on your way, or you may benefit from working together on a more ongoing basis. It’s completely up to you, and this will be different for everyone. Some clients come because they’re curious to experience this kind of work, or just need a little bit of actual, embodied modern sex education. One session might be enough for them. Others come to work on a specific issue they have such as sexual trauma, their relationship with their bodies and sexuality, or a physical symptom that needs regular therapy and attention. These clients will come for multiple sessions, and maybe every now and then for a ‘top up’ or to treat themselves to some ‘me time’ and fill the self-care cup!

A note from Amy. 

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To read more about what Freya's offerings or to book a Yoni Mapping Therapy session head to www.freyagraf.com or Instagram.

 Freya Graf

*Freya Graf (above) is a Melbourne-based Yoni Mapping Therapist with a passion for holistic health, well-being and personal development. With a background of study in yoni massage, kahuna massage, facilitation, childcare, yoga teaching, tantric bodywork and sacred sexuality, Freya has established her Yoni Mapping Therapy practice in Melbourne’s inner suburbs. Freya trained with Bonnie Bliss - the creator of YMT - and is one of only 20 women in the world who are qualified to offer this incredible modality.

January 30, 2019 — Amy Crawford

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