Wellness tips

Wellness is a popular word these days, and for good reason... it matters how you feel and how you function. Wellness - not just being free from illness - is a process of change and growth (some days we get there and some days we don’t).

Now, one thing I really love about my wonderful community is that everyone has a different approach to wellness. Sure, I put my thoughts and ideas into this mix and hope that some of the magic I’ve discovered rubs off, but mostly I am inspired by you guys to explore and learn.

So this week, I am delighted to share some of that inspiration - the top 20 wellness tips from the THI community, the result of a competition we ran recently on the Salted Caramel Slice recipe. Have a look below, is yours amongst the midst? 

Healthy Eating

"Find joy in preparing and sharing food. Don’t see it as a process, see it as an invigorating and loving activity for yourself and your favourite people." Catherine

"Cook it yourself. Cooking is the best way to know what’s going into your body. You also feel a great sense of achievement at the end of it." Jeda
Amy: This is so true. There’s so many unknowns in junk food, and cooking at home can be a lot of fun (especially when dancing around the kitchen with good friends or family.)

"Be organised and prepared with your eating. Nominate one day a week to cook up some meals and keep them in the fridge or freezer, ready to throw in handbags, backpacks and school bags." Sally
Amy: Prep is key, particularly if convenience stops you from eating well. I also love Julie’s words – ‘Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance’.

"Listen to your body, and eat real food." Tahlia

Amy: I can’t recommend this enough. Our body has so much wisdom, and the more you listen to what it tells you the better choices you’ll make without needing to think!

"Eat slowly. It will make you acutely aware of what you’re eating and how it feels entering your body. If you’re not eating wholesome food, it will stop you overeating." Jodi

Healthy Mind

"Follow inspiring blogs." Yvette

Amy: I included this because it’s so easy to lose motivation or give up on a healthy idea because it sounds too hard, too expensive or not sustainable. Blogs are a great way to stay inspired, discover new perspectives and connect with like-minded people.

"Stop the guilt. When you make an unhealthy choice or slip up in a routine once or twice, see it as a reminder that you’re human, and it’s a process. Don’t feel guilty about bad choices – feel an appreciation for the healthy choices you DO make, and how far you’ve come." Rachael

"Remind yourself that you’re already good enough." Florence

Amy: Right on. It’s so important to remember particularly when you’re transforming a part of your life you’re unhappy with – you’re not fixing what’s broken, because you’re already perfect the way you are. You’re just making an adjustment to move in a direction that makes you happy.

"Meditate often. Simple, but life-changing." Charlotte
Amy: I couldn’t agree more – taking 10 minutes or more every day to stop and connect with your body and the energy around you is such a powerful habit.

Healthy Lifestyle

"Take small steps when changing your habits. Bring in new healthy routines one by one, and be kind to yourself. If you slip up, every morning is a new chance to give it another go." Jaclyn

"Move towards balance. It’s too easy to push yourself hard to eat perfectly at first or meditate for an hour every day, but it doesn’t happen that fast. You burn out and the habit fades. Move through your choices slowly, like a tightrope walker. Maintain your poise and balance!" Alice

"Appreciate the big picture – appreciate nature, relationships and all of the goodness the surrounds. Health and happiness are interconnected, so practice gratitude and appreciation for your life and your body often." Erika

"The best approach to health is keeping it simple – don’t overthink it. Things like eating healthy, regular exercise and getting a good night sleep should be a staple in your life. It shouldn’t be a chore, or too hard to sustain – it should just ‘be’." Jessica

"Take salt baths regularly. The serotonin release and absorption of magnesium will transform any bad mood and send you into a blissful relaxation state." Amy

"Include exercise in your morning routine. Even if it’s just some gentle yoga or a walk, your body (and mind) will thank you for it." Bec
Amy: Regular exercise has so many benefits and if you can knock it out of the checklist early each morning, power to you my friend!

"Reading THI posts and putting them into action." Eadie
Amy: I grin like an idiot every time someone tells me about the benefits they’ve created in their own life from tips and recipes on the blog. And I’m so thankful to have such a smart, empowered and courageous community to share this all with!


So there you have it - thanks to YOU guys for your awesome input! Do you think you will incorporate any of these gems into your life? Perhaps there's another you'd like to add? In any case, why not forward this post on to someone close to you who might appreciate a little more inspiration today. 

Wellness tips


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