Often the simplest ideas are the best and I'm here to tell you that this one is a serious winner. Sometimes you just need a savvy health food blogger to deliver such an idea to your inbox - to prompt you to follow suit! So here's the mission for the weekend. Go to the market, buy up in bulk and put together your green smoothies for the month ahead. Your body will be chuffed you did (as will your heart rate as you ease into your days with so much more time on your hands).

Here's how we suggest you make a smoothie (or 15):

1. Create a mix
Green smoothies can certainly be an acquired taste. You may like to add more or less of the sweeter ingredients, but perhaps aim for half of the smoothie to consist of greens. If your intention is to drink your green smoothie in place of a meal such as breakfast, be sure to keep in mind a good balance of protein, fats and carbs. Play around with ratios of the following:

Leafy greens: think spinach, kale, lettuce, chard, anything green!
Vegetables: cucumber and celery for a lighter fresh taste, beets, carrots 
Root vegetables: ginger, garlic, turmeric (just go easy!)
Fruit: berries, banana, pineapple, strawberries, mango, pear etc - look for in-season fruit.
Liquids: coconut water, non-dairy milks, water etc 
Protein sources: chia seeds, whey protein, rice or hemp protein
Extra nutrition: spirulina powder, wheatgrass, acai powder, maca, macqui berry powder, flax, cacao, nuts and nut meal 

Read more about the functional food plate (and how to make a smoothie/meal that is perfectly balanced) here.

2. Buy your bags.
Freezer safe, resealable and re-usable bags such as snap lock bags are going to be best. I also discovered this company that manufactures an eco-friendly, food safe version. Just be sure to recycle them if you do choose to purchase plastic.

3. Buy your produce.
So many great options for purchasing in bulk and at discounted rates in today's day and age and they extend beyond a trip to the farmer's market. Who makes use of a fruit and veg home delivery service? (Organic Angels in Melbourne are affordable). Is anyone part of a food coop? My recommendation for green smoothies (and juices for that matter) is to buy your greens organic - they are otherwise heavily sprayed. If not, rinse them well in water with a good few dashes of apple cider vinegar.

4. Chop it up and pack it in.
Be kind to your blender and ensure you have absolutely zero to do other than unzip the bag on the day of. Chop all ingredients into bite size pieces. Pack the bag by placing the greens in first, everything else goes on top. Be sure to squeeze any air out of the bag before sealing to prevent freezer burn, and flatten the bags in such a way that they are easily stackable. Freeze.

5. Time to blend.

When you're ready to make a smoothie simply dump the contents into the blender and add your liquid of choice. Serve in a recycled mason jar (if you're going for that "green smoothie chick" look) and run out the door! 

Here are some of our favourite green smoothie combos for you to try.

The Creamy Green Smoothie with Apple and Mint

The Need a Spoon Consistency Green Smoothie

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Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

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