Fridays are now dedicated to providing you with a weekend activity that aims to enhance your life and your wellbeing. This series is about getting back to basics with your health, about simplifying how you look at wellness and about steadying the frantic first world pace. Check back in next Friday to receive your next wellbeing challenge.

Wellbeing Challenge #1: Don't spend any money.

When was the last day that you went an ENTIRE day without spending a cent? It's a pretty rare thing isn't it? Do know though, that not spending money doesn't mean you have to hole yourself up and become a social recluse for the day, and can in fact be very fulfilling.

Ride or walk the extra block, to save on petrol money. Pack the picnic lunch instead of purchasing it while you're out and about (a basket on the front of your bike will help with that). Brew your own coffee instead of buying (and then throwing away the cup!) - coffee delivered to you in bed, enjoyed while still pyjama clad, is purely priceless.

How about these tips too:

  • Listen to a new podcast
  • Use the ingredients in your pantry to get creative and invent a new dish
  • Play a board game (Fun!)
  • Change the oil in your car (your car needs some health too!)
  • Say hi to your neighbours
  • Find a scenic location and take some photos
  • Re-arrange your home with good feng shui in mind
  • Look into your family tree

You'll soon begin to value the dollar a whole lot more, and begin to notice others spending theirs frivolously. It's not so necessary to do so.

The bonus is you'll soon have enough money saved for a weekend wellness escape that is a little further from home. Time to start manifesting a getaway?

How do you plan to spend (or not spend - get it? ;) your money free day? Any thrifty tips to share? Your suggestions could prove really handy for students and those on a strict budget every day, so don't hold back.


Amy Crawford

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