Creating a vision board may well be one of the most powerful visualisation tools available to you. It is the pinnacle of manifestation. A vision board is a physical and tangible representation of your goals and your dreams. A visual of your most ideal life.

Your mind responds very well to visual stimulation. So by representing your goals with imagery, and placing it in your daily line of sight, you will be communicating with the universe about what you want to work on in your life. It's all about tapping into the Laws of Attraction.

So how to create your vision board? First off, there are no rules, but here are a few pointers to get you started.

Step 1: DEFINE.

- What are your goals and dreams?

- What do you want to do with your life?

- What are your career aspirations?

- What about family?

- Is there travel in your future?

- Do you want to be "wealthy"? (Emotionally rich or financially rich, material or otherwise).

- How do you want to FEEL?

- What do your relationships look like? Friends, lovers, employers etc.

- What gets you amped up for life?


Now is the time to scour for imagery and wording that identifies with your definition of an ideal life. Magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start. I created a board on Pinterest that was dedicated to finding vision board images and collected pictures over a matter of weeks before finally putting it together.


Print out any online images and neatly trim the edges of your magazine torn pictures. Arrange them on a cork board or simply on A4 bits of paper (to be stuck together like a poster) in a way that feels right for you. Remember, there is beauty in simplicity and clarity. Keep it simple.

Alternatively, you could choose Picasa to create a vision board that sits on your screen saver. Just be sure to place it in a location where you will look at it every day. Remember to take a moment to appreciate these goals on a daily basis, read any affirmations or quotes included out loud, reflect on what you achieve, and most importantly - believe it is ALL already yours.

What is the first thing that comes to mind that needs to go on YOUR vision board?

November 07, 2014 — Amy Crawford

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