Daily Greens

Ready to pull yourself out of a Winter slump? You know, that foggy, achy or sluggish feeling that comes after months and months of cold weather? You let your fitness routine take a slide (because it’s cold outside!) and perhaps ate too much chocolate on those dark nights in? Not to mention dry hair and skin... Well, daily GREENS supplements are one of the best ways to support a tired immune system and give you an energy boost for Spring.

Why are greens so effective at the end of Winter?

Many of us spend Winter fighting off coughs and colds. This year, so many of us are battling Long Covid or post-Covid exhaustion. The nutrient combination in greens powdered supplements is formulated to support your immune system while ALSO meeting the nutritional requirements for a healthy diet – every day. Greens give your immune system the right phytonutrients, folic acid, vitamins, minerals and all-important fibre – when you need them most.

Let’s take a closer look …

1. Boosts your immune system: A healthy immune system relies on the right amount of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A and Selenium. Vitamin A has strong anti-inflammatory properties which improve immunity. Selenium has been proven to fight infection. By boosting your immune system you help your body fight illness and recover faster when you do get sick.

2. Supports a natural detox. Greens help counteract the daily toll that pollution, free radicals, fast food and stress exact on your body. Greens blends are packed with antioxidants thanks to greens superfoods like spirulina and alfalfa grass. Antioxidants help detox or neutralise harmful free radicals in our body and boost our overall health. Because each antioxidant serves a different function it’s important to have a varied blend with a great mix of plant-based, high-antioxidant based foods such as alfalfa grass, barley grass, wheat grass, spirulina and chlorella.

3. Energy boost. Greens are full of the nutrients that power our everyday health and wellbeing. A greens blend is high in Vitamin A, C, K and B-Vitamins which are all essential in helping to convert food into energy. Greens help unlock the energy you need to get through your day. Greens also have loads of iron which helps fire up your energy levels and get you bouncing out of bed (yep, even on those cold mornings!).

Daily Greens

4. Your gut loves greens. Plant compounds and micronutrients found in greens supplements help maintain digestive health and strengthen the gut microbiome. Fibre in greens also feeds beneficial gut bacteria. If there’s one sure way to boost your mood post-Winter – take care of your gut! Gut bacteria produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate physiological processes as well as mental processes such as memory and mood. Gut bacteria manufacture about 95% of the body’s supply of serotonin (the happy hormone).

5. Daily nourishment. While it would be wonderful to be able to fill our plates with leafy greens at every meal, not many of us can eat the recommended daily nutrients required from food. Adding a spoonful of daily greens to water, a smoothie, yoghurt or porridge gives you your daily dose of the good stuff, with minimal effort.

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 Daily Greens

August 07, 2022 — Amy Crawford

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