The perfect poached egg. For many years I considered this a serious craft of which I had little talent (without even trying). I took the cheats way out where I could. Then low and behold, I plucked up the courage, risked the loss of multiple eggs and became a true egg poacher of the cheat free variety. 

Guys, I am here today to tell you it is oh so simple. No doubt others have fail-proof methods that differ from mine, however this is the method I use and it works for me (as you will see in my photos...sorry to gloat ;-). So here goes, the perfect poached egg, by me. 

In a large frying pan or saucepan, bring at least 5 cm of water to the boil (if poaching only one egg I use a small saucepan, quite successfully). Turn down the heat, bringing the water to a simmer. Add a splash or two of vinegar into the water (I use apple cider vinegar). Using a wooden spoon, create a gentle whirloop effect in the water. Very carefully break the eggs directly into the water, right at the surface so that the eggs slide into the water ever so gently. Leave them to cook for about 3 minutes. Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon. Fingers crossed your looks just like mine! 

Handy poaching tips:

  1. Use fresh eggs for poaching as the egg white will be at its thickest and produce a good shape. Whites thin out as eggs get older.
  2. Stirring the water with a wooden spoon to create a gentle whirlpool effect prior to dropping the eggs in will keep the egg a nice round shape.
  3. The addition of vinegar to the water helps set the egg white quickly. Why not try apple cider vinegar too.
  4. Do not add salt to the water, doing so will loosen the egg whites.
  5. If the water is too cool, the egg will separate before it cooks; if your water is too hot, you will end up with tough whites and an over cooked yolk.
  6. Or take the cheats way out ;) Use an egg ring to keep the egg contained.

Personally, I love adding an egg to the heart warming Baked Beans dish featured in my eBook, A Nourishing Kitchen. How do you eat your eggs? Any other handy poaching tips anyone would like to share?

April 22, 2014 — Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

simple = good