The health benefits of Mesquite. Calling for recipes!

By Amy Crawford


OK, there's a serious surplus of mesquite powder happening in the THI pantry and it's got to go! Well rather, we've got to eat it because it is FULL of goodness. But how, people?! I am taking mesquite powder recipe inspiration submissions, because after reading this article YOU are going to want to eat it too. The winning recipe inspo will be created in the THI kitchen and posted to our blog, winging its way to all of our subscribers and posted to social media (with full credit to you of course). So get cracking on the suggestions in the comments below (and see foot of this post for competition details).
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What is mesquite?
Mesquite, which is commonly made available to us in powdered form (ground from the mesquite plant), has been used as a flour and a sweetener by the Native Americans for centuries. It has a slightly nutty caramel like flavour.

Why is mesquite good for you?
Mesquite has a particularly impressive nutritional profile - calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc abound. It is also rich in protein, which is why the Native Americans have loved it as a staple food. It is a great addition to the creation of a well balanced meal.

Read more about what a well balanced meal/functional food plate means here.

Most notably mesquite supports healthy blood sugar levels, being low GI. It is quite difficult for the body to break down, which is actually a good thing as it digests slowly giving you a long-lasting energy boost and reducing hunger for a sustained period.

Mesquite is also beneficial for supporting bone growth and strengthening immune function. It's low in fat and low in carbs.

How to eat mesquite.
This is where you guys come in! We'd love to hear your recipe suggestions. Mesquite has a sweet, nutty, caramel-molasses flavour. It would be ideal for a dessert, perhaps in a granola or porridge, or in yoghurt, baked goods, ice cream, smoothies, tea or coffee. We hear it is delicious paired with cacao... so many hints for you!

If you're adding it to a baked good, consider swapping a quarter to a half of the flour content of your recipe with mesquite powder and reduce the amount of other sweeteners. 

Where to find mesquite?
Health food stores mostly, and online too! 

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January 22 2015

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