Linen Spray

A linen spray is a most beautiful and simple DIY recipe that (depending on the essential oils you choose), can support sleep, uplift you, put you in the 'mood' and work to purify your sheets, all the while having them smell beautiful every day of the week. It also quickly becomes the most gorgeous homemade gift.

All you need is a glass spray bottle, water, witch hazel and pure essential oils - and 5 minutes later you'll be spraying your sheets and excited to dive straight into them! 

A note on witch hazel: this is a natural emulsifier for essential oils. Emulsifiers ensure your essential oils mix with the carrier, in this case water. You can also use rubbing alcohol which is generally available at a pharmacy.

A note on essential oils: as with what you put on your skin or choose to wash your linen with, always aim for low tox options. This applies to essential oils. Use only pure tested grade essential oils.

You need:

1 glass spray bottle, aim for 250ml or smaller*
1/4 cup witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
30 drops doTERRA essential oils of choice (see below for oily combos)
Top the rest up with water

Whip up your bottle and keep it next to your bed so you don't forget to spritz in the morning. Oh and don't forget, there are four reasons why you should make your bed each day, so make it and THEN spritz.. here's why!

Use any of your favourite scents or choose your own adventure:

Sleepy time
15 drops lemon & 15 drops lavender

Freshen me up 
15 drops lime & 15 drops peppermint

Balance me out
15 drops clary sage & 15 drops bergamot

Sexy times
10 drops clary sage, 10 drops ylang ylang, 10 drops wild orange

Ground me
15 drops Arborvitae & 15 drops tangerine

Dream happy
10 drops Juniper Berry, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense

* I prefer not to make large quantities of this given water is a breeding ground for bacteria. I like to make up a cups worth and use it on a daily basis, spraying it all over my pillows and sheets after it's made each day. It's so easy to whip up again when I need it and I love the idea of mixing up different blends each time. 

Dream Happy Linen Spray 

Amy Crawford

Made by Amy

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