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By Amy Crawford

CTC therapy

Over the last few years I have been asked many a question about the life transformational CTC therapy I provide. To many it's a challenging concept to get your head around, the nature of walking free of issues after just one session. To some it even sounds a little 'woo woo'. As one CTC client shared,

"Whilst I was a little challenged by the alternativeness of the CTC therapy coming from a conservative and traditional personal development background I took the plunge and the impact has been significant." Penny.

It does however certainly beg the question, is whatever you are doing in an effort to free yourself working for you right now?

That was the question I asked myself a few years ago. My very obvious answer set me on this path.

Today I've pulled together answers to the oft-repeated questions (what it actually does, how many sessions are required, what it can assist with, how much it costs..) in an effort to help you better understand the process.

Combined Therapy Cocktail or 'Cut The Crap'.

CTC has also been trademarked "Cut The Crap," because that’s pretty much what I do; I "cut the crap” from a client’s life to enable them to move forward and live their truest potential. Calling it 'crap' may seem harsh to some, but let's not give much of what we carry around any more air time or significance than it deserves.

After all, nothing has any meaning other than the meaning we give it.

A bundle of therapies rolled into a single 2 hour session.

CTC is a 2-hour, life-transformational therapy combining a number of therapies including (but not limited to) Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT, also known as tapping), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Reiki.

Combining these techniques I find the root cause for every one of a client’s ‘negative’ emotions. I don't treat the symptom — I find the root cause that created a specific feeling, fear, belief, addiction, insecurity, illness, or trust issue that manifested over the years.

Each of the therapies are effective in their own right, but bundled together they become a far more powerful force for self-discovery and lifelong change.

For example, imagine a woman named Jane, who as a child had an experience that left her feeling inadequate, worthless or not good enough; quite likely it occurred in the playground or class room. Jane has carried those feelings into all areas of her life and now they weigh heavily on her and manifest in all sorts of different ways, preventing her from being the best person she can be. For instance, maybe she's terrified of public speaking. This fear is typically an underlying feeling of not being good enough which has brought about a fear of what others think, a fear of judgement. Once we clear that feeling of not being good enough, the rest just disappears.

In any case, it's not Jane's job to sort through her feelings and find their root cause; that is my role in the process.

CTC therapy is available face to face or via Skype, anywhere in the world.

You can experience CTC therapy face to face with me in Melbourne, Australia or via Skype. Either way, the effectiveness of the treatment is the same. This enables me to see clients all over the world, from far-reaching corners of the globe.

About 70% of my sessions are conducted via Skype and it seems to be increasingly preferred, in light of our comfort with technology. Clients don't have to slog through traffic or carve out as much time from busy schedules; they can experience the wonder of CTC therapy in the comfort of their own home.

Each of the techniques remains the same with the exception of EFT (tapping), where the client is taught to tap on their own body after I have done a surrogate round. In any case, for most of the session, whether on Skype or in person, the client has his or her eyes closed and are guided through the therapies by my voice.

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CTC therapy

It usually only takes one two-hour session. 

Every one of my clients' issues can be dealt with in one session. It doesn’t matter how much they have going on, usually it all comes down to the same underlying issues. This sounds pretty unbelievable at first, and I understand that; I was sceptical before I had my treatment, my logical brain just couldn't rationalise it.

Since then I have learned that human beings have a habit of over complicating everything. We think that if we have carried this weight around with us for so long, we must need years of therapy to be free of it.

In actual fact, the real solution is far simpler than this — we just need to change our perspective.

CTC is a process for anyone and everyone, regardless of the issue.

It simply matters that it fully resonates and 'feels' right to you - if it feels right, it is meant to be. For example, I often hear from mothers wishing to book their daughters in for CTC therapy, or wives wanting to book in their husbands. As much as I would love to work with every single referral, I can't achieve the expected outcome unless the client is personally invested, and feels ready to let everything go.

My personal CTC therapy story.

I stumbled across CTC therapy in 2012 and took the plunge. At the time I was suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and wasn’t well enough to work full time — in fact, I was unemployed as a result of my illness. I felt utterly stuck; I had a need to please my father, I had a paralysing fear of public speaking, I didn't feel good enough.. the list of issues went on and on.

I walked out of that session free of all that baggage, including many symptoms from my illness and all the fears I had associated with it (the fear of never having a normal life, of never being free of debilitating fatigue, for instance). It was utterly incredible.

The Holistic Ingredient and everything that I now do was born within 3 months of my session. Public speaking is now my very favourite thing and to be honest, I still can’t believe that I am able to say that.

This is the reason I became a CTC practitioner - it utterly changed my life.

Most common issues dealt with in a CTC session.

I work with an incredibly broad range of issues, but there are some common ones that arise frequently, including:

  • A fear of public speaking
  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Food-related disorder and issues
  • Difficulty letting go of the past 
  • A fear of the unknown or of the future
  • The feeling of being stuck or blocked
  • Addictions to sugar, food, or smoking
  • A feeling of not being good enough
  • A fear of what others think, of judgement
  • Negative body image
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Money-related issues

The Importance of Post-Treatment Client Homework

I am not a miracle-worker; I can't guarantee that a client's woes will disappear forever because they won't - we are all human and life will continue to happen, to throw us challenges! The difference is in the way we choose to react to these challenges. That's what you learn in this process, how to better manage your energy which in turn impacts everything in your life.

CTC therapy, like anything else, requires that a client take responsibility for his or her own healing post-treatment.

For example, suppose you visit a doctor and she tells you to eat one apple a day for a month in order to stay well. She can't be there to make sure that you eat the apple every day; that part is up to you. In the same way, I give my clients simple tips and tools and some easy homework to ensure that they get the most out of the session. If a client walks away and chooses to ignore those suggestions, makes the same disempowering decisions, thinks the same destructive thoughts, nothing will change, it's as simple as that.

However, it is important that I mention that I am always here for clients post treatment should they require extra support. I also offer a one hour 'reset' should clients feel like they need a reboot further down the track. 

Real life success Stories.

My clients and their success stories are the reason I keep doing what I do. Here are just a few; and you can read more amazing testimonials for yourself on my website.

"... I have never ever been so confident in myself and proud to be myself before. I have actually never been able to say that I loved myself, but I can since the CTC and the work you encouraged me to do afterwards. This happiness and confidence gives me the motivation to strive for bigger and better things because I know I can do them and I know I deserve them! I cannot thank you enough, you literally have given me the opportunity to really find who I am and be proud of that!" Fiona

"Not only did I leave the session feeling empowered and free of my addiction… but I also gained a clear direction for my future path towards contentment." Anon.

"... I can't even begin to explain how a 2.5 hour session has worked so well, but I have come out without a single craving, negative body image thought or obsession... It has literally disappeared overnight. As an added bonus, I also feel more positive, on track, motivated and 'whole' than I have ever felt in my life. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for me." Heidi

Your investment for a CTC session

Your investment is $495AUD for a one off session with me, wherever you are in the world. One hour CTC reset sessions are charged at $220. 

If you are a Nourish Melbourne member, know too that you automatically receive 10% off your session. A good time to become a member perhaps?!

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A last word on CTC

If the idea of this therapy is resonating with you my best advice is to let go of the need to know how it works, be open to the idea that it can (and does), and simply trust in the process. If it feels right to you, if it resonates with you, it will be utterly transformational.

Husbands call me because they can’t believe the change in their wives demanding that I 'zap' them too; teenagers have come to me as a result of positive changes in their mother. I've seen entire families. Once, I did sessions with 6 members of a small business because the transformation of their CEO was so incredible.

All you need to do is be prepared to change the way you see things and be open to making better, more empowered choices in your life.

My job is to help you do just that.

For any further queries or just to say hello, you can find me at 




June 02 2016

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