Sharing the Foodie Love - the Monthly Gratitude Post Returns.

By Amy Crawford

Above: Hanna's (@ _hannah_) take on my Banana & Peanut Butter Icecream - how DELISH does this look?

Every month I will be including a "monthly gratitude post" as a means of thanking everyone in the world of instagram, Facebook and blogs for re-creating my recipes and sharing the foodie love. Please, if you make any of my recipes and are comfortable to do so, email me a photo via the blog. Of course if you're on instagram tag me so that I can see it! Each month I will select a bunch of my favourite shots to include in the post.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the wonderful 'home chefs' out there who have done my home creations a whole heap of justice - I feel tickled pink that they are being remade and enjoyed.

Above left: Kristene's Roast Vegetable & Goat's Cheese Quinoa Frittatas. Lunch tomo?
Above right: Natasha's (@ tashiowl_) Strawberry and Maqui Berry Superfood Smoothie. Helllloo!! 

Above: Regina's 5 minute 40 second egg - fail proof if you follow the instructions, as she so clearly did! Yummo!

Above left: Katrina's Very Berry Chocolate Chia Breakfast Mousse. Yes!
Above right: And here's another Very Berry Chocolate Chia Mousse by Mariam. Pick the favourite dish of the month!

Above: Ellie's (@elisha85" Very Berry Chocolate Chia Mousse. Now that is VERY berry yum!

Above left: Ellie's take on the Walnut Brownie Smoothie...mmm!
Above right: Stephanie's take on the sweet egg white omelette - so having this for breakfast very soon!



March 15 2013

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