6 weeks to an elevated mind, body and spirit.

By Amy Crawford

(Edited with testimonials & reblogged August 2015).

"True wellness is about healing and balancing all the different parts of yourself – body, mind, spirit, space and soul. In fact, until you do, you’ll never be able to find the magical sweet spot where life feels really good and everything just flows"
- Cassie Mendoza Jones.

We talk often about this sense of flow here at THI. It's the idea of not pushing or pulling too hard, the idea that if things in your life are meant to be, they will just... be. This can come down to your state of physical health, your emotional well being, your career and your personal wealth. Do you feel like you are on track? Or are you pushing? 

Weight issues, depression, digestion issues, tired, stuck, burnt out or stressed? This eCourse designed by Elevate Vitality is a way to conquer these issues that are holding you back and elevate your vitality as you head into 2015.  

As an example, maybe you are showing signs of adrenal fatigue (or perhaps you have already been diagnosed as such). This eCourse will help guide you through your recovery, helping you create your own plan with Cassie's support of course. Perhaps you have heard us (and others) speak about food allergies and intolerances? This course will educate you around the differences and how to identify them. Is digestion an issue for you? Here will you learn how to reduce digestive pain and bloating, to repair leaky gut and to reduce inflammation (naturally of course). 

Today, I am re-blogging this post, because (due to such success last time) Cassie is running her transformational eCourse again. I'd like to recommend this eCourse to you for a number of reasons:
1. Time frame
It is a 6-week online wellness program designed to address all the different parts of your wellbeing: your body, mind, spirit, space and life. The time frame makes the changes you will make to your life very manageable. Know that you will only need a few hours a week to complete this course and that you can take all the time you need (you can download and keep the content for as long as you wish).

2. Content & Community
It contains a wide and varied range of well prepared and highly educational content (think PDFs, worksheets, videos, audios and interviews) and harnesses the power of community. What I particularly love is that all of this content is at your fingertips, in the one spot (so you're not having to chase your tail across hundreds of sites to find answers). You'll join a private Facebook group that will allow you to share your progress and questions with Cassie and other eCourse subscribers, to ensure you get the most out of the course and feel supported along the way. 

3. Affordability
The opportunity to tap into Cassie's wellness strategies and advice (think professional kinesiology, naturopathic and nutritional advice), without the one on one price tag.

I believe this eCourse will change the way you view your body, mind and spirit and the way you look after yourself. It’s your chance to reconnect with your body, realign with your truth and reclaim your radiance - with the support of Cassie and other like-minded people.

Course registrations close at 3pm Tuesday 1 September. If you'd like to sign up, or to find out more about the potential benefits you will receive, simply follow this link. 

"Working with Cassie is always a soulful, bright-hearted experience. She has the ability to get deep with you, and allow you to find out what it is that needs to be added into your life so you can move forward with growth and expansion. For me, this eCourse has been a life changing experience. I now feel calmness and contentment in all areas of my life. I feel gratitude + love + support towards myself, and I feel that I radiate divine love to my entire being and the people around me. Cassie has guided me to open a gateway to my creativity towards life!" – Janette Brown, Kinesiologist & Founder of Inspire Freedom.

"After just finishing your Cleansed course, I can now say I am my most confident self. You have opened the door for me to really go out into the world and treat each day as it is: a special moment that will never be replicated. I loved learning about EFT, meditation, toxic friendships (which I didn’t think I had the power to say goodbye to, until now!), and the effect our spaces have on our emotional and physical wellbeing. I feel more confident in being who I am and I’m less frightened of what the future holds – in fact, I’m excited that I don’t know what will happen! I can’t wait to live chapter 6, the Cleansed Life." – Elizabeth Uhr, Canberra

*Do know that I am an affiliate for this eCourse and as such receive a small commission for every purchase made. Please know however that I would only ever recommend products and services that I believe will add value to the lives of our subscribers. 



August 26 2015

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