When nothing goes right, go left. What to do when life is just not working for you.

By Amy Crawford

Have you ever had one of those days where it feels as though absolutely nothing is going right for you?

You’ve woken up in a serious grump. You could eat chocolate for breakfast (and who’s gonna stop you?).
You feel bloated, and you can’t understand why… until you remember the chocolate you ate for breakfast! Oh and that midnight snack too. Midnight indulgence? Perhaps though it didn't feel like a special treat? Do you feel like on some level, it was a moment of punishing yourself? But for what?

Perhaps you are craving attention, love, and acceptance… but you can’t find the words to soothe yourself. Perhaps you are searching for the internal resilience to finally, (finally!) approve of yourself, no matter what.

Maybe you are looking to leave your corporate job, or the job that drains your soul? The job that exhausts you daily... permanently. You may have taken the first steps towards a wellness focussed job that will fulfil your dreams, but you're needing some mentoring and support to get you off the ground. 

Do any of these scenarios sound like you? If so, I have good news.

I have partnered with Cassie Mendoza Jones of the Heartfelt Harmony Society to help guide you on your way to freedom and harmony.

Cassie is a kinesiologist, naturopath, nutritionist and writer, and has created this society as an entry level to your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It may be just what you are craving.

This is an online course that runs over 6 weeks, a compilation of guides that will result in your finding a deep sense of inner freedom and harmony, whatever your ultimate goal.

You could choose:
- The business guide for solo wellness entrepreneurs
- The body freedom course
- The emotional harmony course
- The bloating, be gone guide
- The PMS, be gone guide
- The how to be un-busy guide
and more...

Real results can happen in the Heartfelt Harmony Society, so if you are interested in more head on over for further information. I’d love to invite you to join me. 

I shall leave you with this...

“You are the sky – everything else is just the weather.”
Pema Chödrön, a Western Buddhist teacher.

“You are the sky” means you are full, you are whole, you are good enough as you are.

“Everything else is just the weather” means you can let go of your fear, pain, worries and discomfort by surrendering, by going with the flow, by trusting the universe, yourself and your higher self, and by knowing deeply, truly, completely that you can get through anything, because you are strong, and beautiful, and so very worthy.

*Note the early bird bonus: for the first 47 people who sign up for either of the Collections; the Lifestyle, or the Lifestyle and Business Collection.

*I am an affiliate of this eCourse and as such receive a small commission for every signup made via the link above. Do know that I will only align myself with products and services that I feel are of value to THI readers.



May 28 2015

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