Your permission to disconnect for two hours a day.

By Amy Crawford

"This is NOT a wellbeing book where you are instructed to make green smoothies and drink more water by someone riding a vintage bicycle. Or drinking a coconut. Or riding a bike while drinking a coconut.

 This provides modern tools for clarity and High Grade Living" - Jacqui Lewis. 

Jacqui Lewis entered my life as my Vedic Meditation teacher and thankfully she's not left it. In fact, next week Jacqui is taking myself and 20 odd others on a mind, body, spirit adventure in India. Quite frankly there's not a lady I'd rather be leading this tour - Jacqui is one of a (quirky) kind; she's smart, engaging, witty and terribly funny. She's also hugely inspiring, a big thinker with wisdom to boot.

Jacqui's latest offering, the 7 day mind cleanse, is an ebook designed to boost your happy hormones (and let's be honest, who doesn't want their happy hormones boosted). Intended to shift the way in which you live for the better, this resource will serve to increase your happiness and joy, make you feel more grounded and in control in your everyday life.

A (very) busy lady herself, Jacqui has designed this book with herself and other busy people in mind. With just the smallest investment of time each day, it's intended that you will gain incredible clarity. The whole book can be read in 45-60 minutes tops, and there's a workbook you may choose to find an extra 5 minutes each day to complete. Do so, and allow the feelings of gratitude, pleasure and delight to unfold before you. Sounds pretty wonderful doesn't it.

So what’s it all about and how do you work out if this ebook is right for you? Well, do you...
- Want to be more in control and calmer every day?
- Require greater clarity and creativity?
- Want to feel more grounded in day to day life?
- Desire experiences of true happiness and joy on a regular basis?
- Want this NOW instead of in a few weeks or months?
- Need to control your hormones and reduce the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenalin?
- Want increased health, and motivation to feel better every day?

You may want just one, or ALL of these things. The 7 Day Mind Cleanse cuts to the root of these points. Mind cleanse versus a body cleanse. These days the idea of cleansing our bodies has become normalised. Juice cleanses and detox diets abound. But what about the muddle that is stored in our brains? What can we do to ensure our minds, the very things which govern the health of our bodies, are in top shape? How do we keep our brains fit? The Mind Cleanse is a single week program designed to reset your brain. A quick holiday for your neural pathways. Sometimes we just need a break in order to come back refreshed, allowing us to cope with modern living in a really effective way. The ebook gives you those tools that will reduce stress and increase your clarity and happiness.

A teaser of what is within, to get you excited... You can anticipate exploring the mind-body connection and gaining knowledge about how the mind and the body affect one another. You will become conscious of negative thought patterns and work on how to replace them with positive thinking. You are going to have two hours of digital disconnection every day – Power Down Hours; and you'll finish the week refreshed, with a clear mind and new values.  If you're interested in embarking on this 7 day adventure, head on over here to sign up.

*I am an affiliate of this eCourse and as such receive a small commission for every signup made via the link above. Do know that I will only align myself with products and services that I feel are of value to THI readers.





September 11 2015


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