How to free yourself from fear using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

By Amy Crawford

Free yourself from emotional fears with EFT

EFT or 'Tapping' - the key to a very big door in your life

Ever felt like you’re a fly banging it’s head against a window day after day, trying to reach the freedom that lies just on the other side?

It feels so close, like you should be able to fly your way through the frame into a new version of yourself; a version where you’re less anxious, less stressed, and no longer react to certain situations the way you always have.. but can’t seem to control.

You’re constantly being blocked by something you don’t understand, and you’ve tried everything you can to break through it.

But nothing seems to work. You feel stuck.

You know there’s got to be some kind of golden key to unlock the door that’s blocking you, letting you out into the world with the freedom to be who you really are.

You know what? There's good news. EFT has helped many thousands of people overcome their fears and break free from their emotional patterns - and it could help you, too.

What is EFT and how can it help me?

Your body, like everything else in the universe, is made up of energy. Negative thinking, emotional trauma, unhealthy food, toxicity in our environment, all of this can deplete that energy quickly, leading to physical pain and disease.

When emotional trauma occurs as a result of a difficult life event, no matter how challenging the experience, feelings of pain, stress and low self-worth often don’t go away on their own. They become stored in your body as energy knots or blockages, often creating life long patterns of behaviour. It can make us feel like we are simply going around in circles.

This is where Emotional Freedom Technique comes in.

EFT is used to release emotional pain, limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour in the body, through the use of ‘tapping’. It involves the use of one basic process – tapping key meridian points on your upper body with two fingers while repeating a specialised sequence of affirmations.

EFT releases the energy blockages or knots in your body and restores it back to balance.

It might sound like a big promise, but the only way you can find out if EFT is really that powerful is to give it a try.

Heal emotional trauma with EFT tapping

How to try EFT right now

EFT is so simple you’re guaranteed to hit (or in this instance, tap yourself) – literally (over and over again).

There are a range of different methods you can try, and some have the potential to create massive shifts very quickly. One method I use in my CTC therapy process has been blowing myself and my clients away for years – this combined with 5-7 other processes sees them walking out looking entirely different.

Today I am providing you with the basic ‘recipe’ you can start using, right now.

So, find yourself a comfortable and quiet place for the next 5 minutes and let's go. 

EFT - the basic recipe

1. Identify a negative pattern or emotional response you want to focus on. It can be anything – anxiety, a phobia like spiders (eww) or a fear of public speaking. Maybe it's a limiting belief that money is always hard to come by, or a feeling of not being good enough. Possibly it's simply the belief that when you go to bed you lie awake for ages every night. Today though, I’ll use anxiety for this example.

2. Consider the intensity of the feeling towards this issue right now. How strong does it feel? Trusting in the first number that comes into your head, rate it with a number out of ten (with ten being the most intense).

3. Create a setup statement. This is where you slot in what emotional response you’re dealing with right now. Here’s the template:

  • “Even though I feel X right now, I deeply and completely accept myself." (Or, even though I believe money is hard to come by, I deeply and completely accept myself etc). So if you were tapping on your anxiety, it would be:

  • “Even though I feel anxious about this birthday party I have to attend, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

4. Here’s where the tapping starts. Repeat the statement out loud three times, while simultaneously tapping the karate chop area of your left hand (the area that’s an extension of your little finger). Do the tapping using the your index and middle finger of your dominant hand. Use the top of your fingers, not your nails, and don’t go too hard, moderate pressure is about right. Tap until the statement is complete, repeating it 3 times.

5. When you’re done, stop and take a big breath in. Hold for a moment, then release it.

6. Great work! Now, it’s time to tap in some different areas. Follow this sequence, tapping 5-7 times on each spot while repeating your same statement. Don’t worry about the rhythm, just say the statement out loud as you go.

 Image of points:

EFT tapping points

7. Take a deep breath, hold for a moment and release it.

8. Consider how you feel about your emotional pattern, fear or limiting belief and rate it again between 1 and 10, trusting that if no number pops into your head immediately it's gone. Repeat steps 1-7 until the feeling has dropped in intensity.

That’s it! How did it go? Did you notice a shift in your feelings towards your chosen response, or did it remain the same? Sometimes it takes 2-3 rounds of the basic recipe to start feeling a difference, sometimes it drops in one round. Do a bit more every day, focussing on anything that comes up for you and you will start to notice a dramatic shift in how you feel each time the issue comes up. 

How’s that for powerful?

So I'd love to hear from those of you who have tapped at home, how effective have you found it? Do you use it frequently to support you in your day to day? 


If you feel that you need further support, do know that I can help. Book a 1.5 hour combined EFT and reiki (energy healing) session with me today and let's set you free. 



July 19 2017

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