Is it time to own who you truly are?

By Amy Crawford

Own who you are

Authenticity. It's a word that's oft abused, particularly on social media, where the lure of likes and new followers encourages many to craft content in such a way that feels 'safe'. The issue is that the need to be liked and approved of typically dilutes our authenticity. For many, standing up and owning who they truly are is too terrifying a thought.

This I think is terribly sad; it means the world doesn't get to truly see so many amazing, unique and beautiful human beings.

The more of me I be, the clearer I can see
- Rachel Andrews

Recently I lost hundreds and hundreds of followers on instagram, as a result of my Yoni Mapping post. Either my choice of image offended (Instagram deleted the first one so clearly this was in part the case) or the notion of me learning more about my womanhood - and encouraging others to do same - was too much to bare. (This still perplexes me, if truth be known).

Regardless, the inauthentic me would stop showing up in the way I'm showing up if all I cared about was sharing messages that encouraged you to follow me, shower with me with 'likes' and ultimately, never leave me.

I got to chatting to a girlfriend about the sharp drop in numbers and whilst it was suprising to witness, there was a far more significant observation within myself:

There is very little more freeing than owning who you truly are, standing tall in that feeling and doing so unapologetically.

"The more of me I become, the more of me I can see". It's goosebump generating stuff.

Go be your unique you and stop for the love of God, either dulling your shine or hiding behind a mask. Your unique you is the very best version of you and it's the only version the world needs to see.


If you need help with this, please have a read of this CTC post and reach out if it resonates. You deserve to love your unique self and I'd love to help you do so.



July 16 2019

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