A word of warning from a (mortified) coconut oil hair treatment novice.

By Amy Crawford

Further to my 9 Health Benefits of Coconut Oil post (and my obvious adoration for the stuff) I wanted to give other budding coconut oil hair treatment novices a little feedback around my recent experience. I've been testing it over the last fortnight (Sunday is my hair and face treatment day, just as a very non-significant FYI). No toxic chemicals are allowed into my home (as far as humanely possible) so if I can make this work I will be very happy!

As for the HOW. I used a couple of hand scoops of coconut oil, melted it in my hands (unless it's a balmy Melbourne day and let's be honest, they are infrequent) and rubbed it through my dry hair and scalp (it's really good for your scalp so don't neglect it). Then I sat around looking like a greasy so and so for approximately 30 minutes, praying the neighbour doesn't knock on the door.

What you need to know before you embark on this treatment journey is you will HAVE to shampoo AT LEAST twice, in fact next time I may shampoo three times. The first time I washed it only once. It dried looking okay. I put some product in it and walked out the door to a client meeting. Needless to say I was mortified when I saw myself in the mirror upon my return. The Sunday just gone I washed it twice and it's better though not 'normal'.

Know that you do not need a couple of hand scoops of oil, that I have now learnt from experience. A heaped teaspoon should be adequate, and therefore much easier to remove from your hair post treatment.

The one question I have of any hairdressers out there is this: by having to shampoo my hair THREE times in one sitting is that in fact stripping my hair of the goodness I had just nourished it with? *

Oh and sorry you didn't get a greasy hair shot but there is no way anyone needs to see that. You just get to see the mess I am making dripping coconut olil all over my bathroom.

* During my visit to Organika Hair in Melbourne (a couple of days after writing this post) I asked the delightful Sarah her thoughts regarding my multiple shampooing. Her advice was that we should always shampoo our hair twice anyway. And that it really depends on the quality of the shampoo you use as to whether you are stripping it of its goodness. Sarah also suggested trialling a new treatment such as coconut oil for a minimum of 6 weeks before making a call on its 'impact'. I've got 4 more Sundays - I'll report back!



November 23 2012

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