Want to know what's in my pantry?

By Amy Crawford

You know what I hear all the time?! "I'd love to take a peek into your pantry, Aims." So here it is, semi organised mason jars, sticky raw honey bottles, a TONNE of nutty goodness and a few products that garner the label of 'superfood’ status... not to mention a bit of disarray.

Would you like to know what is always on my (somewhat messy) pantry shelves? Well follow me this way, into a simple little PDF, designed for those of you who appreciate a list. 

So, what's inside? 

My 20 all time favourite products that need to sit on your shelves, for the sake of your health and taste buds.

We provide:

  • their health benefits
  • information on how to use these ingredients in your daily life
  • links to recipe suggestions!

Keep your pantry stocked with these items and you’ll be well equipped to whip up a nutritious meal on the fly (I know you mums out there will love that). There's no need for overwhelm here; simply start replacing the less than healthy choices as they run out, with the items on my list. 

If you're the proud owner of my very first eBook, A Nourishing Kitchen, you'll find most of these in the pantry staples section at the beginning of the book. This PDF simply provides you with a little more detail. 

It's just $4.95, and a direct download to your computer or device. Buy it here! Happy shopping folks! 

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August 18 2015


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